Software engineering

Develop complex software solutions that prioritise efficient data processing, scalability, security by design, and seamless application integrations. As well as delivering accessibility, usability, and a great experience for your customers across every device.


What is software engineering?

Software engineering lies at the heart of digital product development, encompassing server-side infrastructure, databases, and application logic to ensure efficient data processing, security, and scalability in response to user demands. Our approach follows MACH principles - (Microservices, API-first, Cloud-native, and Headless) - emphasising flexibility and scalability. We strive for seamless, intuitive user interfaces, balancing functionality and appeal, and guaranteeing a consistent, remarkable customer experience across all devices through a user-centric approach to development.

The problems we solve

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API & middleware development

Seamlessly integrate your apps - streamline your data exchange, enhance your interoperability, and optimise your performance. By crafting the interfaces and intermediary connections that facilitate effective communication between the different software applications in your ecosystem.

Solution architecture & microservices

Ensure that your complex software systems are both performant and maintainable by architecting your back-end systems into small, specialised, loosely coupled services using DevOps principles. Each operating independently and focused on a specific function in order to foster agility, scalability, and pace of development and deployment.

Quality assurance

Implement systematic quality assurance processes to ensure that your products and platforms meet defined standards as well as user requirements. We test, validate, and verify to identify issues early in the development cycle. Ensuring quality and reliability alongside speed of delivery.

Performance engineering

Engineer your products and platforms with performance in mind - optimising them for speed and efficiency throughout the process of analysis, modelling, design, implementation, and testing. By iteratively tuning performance we can ensure that your products and platforms are both cost-effective and satisfy user demands.

Prototyping & design

Ensure that your products are aligned with both stakeholder and customer needs. We create both visual and functional mockups to illustrate and demonstrate how your final product will look and behave. This involves building interactive prototypes early in the development cycle, so that we can test ideas and gather user feedback.

User interface design & build

Craft user interfaces that balance aesthetics, usability, and accessibility to maximise user experience and customer satisfaction. We’re committed to effectively turning innovative design concepts into functional, engaging digital products that will make a remarkable impact and delight your customers.

Websites & web apps

Develop remarkable digital products for web browsers. Whether you’re looking for a full website design and build, or the creation of a web app to deliver a dynamic, interactive experience. Our breadth and depth of experience across programming languages and tech stack means we can deliver at pace.


Design and build online e-commerce platforms that are secure by design, user-friendly, and integrate easily with your preferred payment gateways, shopping carts, product information management (PIM), and content management systems (CMS). Providing a seamless, enjoyable shopping experience for your customers.

How we deliver

Discover how our approach to delivery and product management will enable to you to build better products and platforms - at pace - to drive your business forward.

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The AND experience

Learn more about how our unique approach will help you to close your digital skills gap and deliver a remarkable experience for your customers.


Software engineering insights

Check out the latest and greatest perspectives - from our developers - covering everything you need to know about software engineering.

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Our software engineering work

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