Graduate Schemes & Junior Roles At AND

Kickstart your career

Technology and digital graduate schemes, internships, apprenticeships, and junior roles for early careers and those brave enough to change their career and jump into tech

At AND we don’t limit graduate recruitment to specific times of the year, we recruit all year round. You don’t need to be looking solely at tech roles, we also hire for many different types of positions across the business, some requiring a technical background whilst others don’t. Our graduate and junior roles are perfect for anyone that wants to get a supportive head start in their careers.  

Graduate and Junior roles

Our graduate and junior roles include areas from UX and Design as well developer, cloud and data engineering positions. 

At the beginning of your career in digital, it's important to think about the foundations you're laying: are you building the right connections that may help you in the future, and getting exposure to a variety of experiences?

Associate Accelerated Programme

The Associate Acceleration Programme is a 12-month journey for many of our graduate and junior new joiners post bootcamp. It consists of 3 areas that mirror the same services we offer to our clients.

Help associates unlock opportunities and focus on career development.

Associates will engage with Career Scrum Teams (AND’s agile inspired career development plan), including regular reviews with a career coach, and the option to access a mentor.

Contribute to successful teams/projects and get the most out of any opportunity.

ON CLIENT - Associates may have the opportunity to experience client engagements as a billable team member on a project.

SHADOWING/INVESTMENT ROLE -Time to observe with little to no pressure to contribute. The associate may be committed to the client as part of the deal, or flexed in and can be removed at any time.

INTERNAL PROJECT - This may include carrying on a bootcamp project, or engaging with the internal work processes within the Club. Internal projects should be run similar to a client engagement.

Utilise available resources to experience a variety of skills and expand your capability. 

8 in-house delivered upskilling modules across a range of technical specialist fields that give associates an overview, a deep dive and practical application of each field to equip them with the knowledge they need to decide which they prefer.

What if you’re not sure what to specialise in?

The great thing about technology is that it offers a diverse and rewarding variety of career options, but not every graduate who joins us has everything locked down and mapped out. That’s ok. Graduates at AND can explore both Analyst, Developer, and UX and Design pathways before picking one.

Listen to Cheneice's journey with us below.

Who are we looking for?

What does the ideal person look like?

Our Associate Accelerated Program is for anyone that wants to get into tech; whether you are straight out of university, back from a gap year or have decided to retrain and change careers into tech. We’re looking for people with a passion for the way tech and digital products are changing the world, are hungry to learn, and you’re always up-to-date with new technologies.

Why choose AND to accelerate your learning and kickstart your career?

Your learning doesn’t stop after leaving the lecture theatre or the classroom. At AND, you can make the most of a range of learning opportunities, including:

  • A career coach, on hand, to help you find your own path.
  • Dedicated training budgets and upskilling days (separate from your holiday allowance) to refine your skills.
  • An extensive learning catalogue, filled to the brim with resources and workshops.

But we know getting your first job is also about getting your foot in the door at a reputable company that also offers a fun, dynamic and supportive culture. AND’s clubhouse operating model means all our ANDis get the feel of a small company whilst joining a big enterprise that can, and will, invest in your personal development. 

One of the other great advantages of starting your career at AND is the diversity of our work. You’ll get to hone your tech and product skills, gaining invaluable experiences across a wide range of projects. This gives you a solid foundation for your future career in tech.


Do you need to know how to code?

No. Not all our graduate jobs are developer-focused. We understand that a preconception of working at a digital tech company is that everyone has to have coding skills, but this isn’t necessary if you’re looking at roles in other digital areas such as UX and design. So we encourage applicants not to be discouraged to get in contact with us if they can’t code but have a passion for other digital areas.  

Internships and Business Admin Apprenticeships

Not left education yet, but eager to get real-life experience? We also offer internship placements for students wanting to get ahead and apply practical skills whilst still learning. 

Finding the right internship while you are studying can really help you decide what you want to do after university. But more often than not, an internship involves a lot of shadowing, and not much hands-on learning.

Internships at AND are different. We offer real exposure to the industry, through a 12-month placement for penultimate year students. On this intensive programme, you will:

  • Work on active projects with real clients.
  • Be taught languages and technologies you haven’t yet been exposed to at uni.
  • Be part of a close-knit team, with support from your squad lead and peers.
  • Benefit from a wide schedule of training courses that we run every week, alongside other ANDis from across the organisation.

And, at the end, you have the opportunity to join AND as a full-time graduate on completion of your studies.