Meet our pioneering leaders

Our diverse group of leaders at AND, referred to as the ‘Pioneers’, are united by a shared commitment to our values and a drive to build something remarkable.

They play a critical part in maintaining our culture and values, creating the people-first environment that allows our ANDis to excel, and our Clubs and clients to thrive. This vision and leadership has enabled AND to grow at a remarkable rate, accelerate our client’s digital plans whilst maintaining our focus on people, as reflected in our position as a Top 10 Best Company To Work For (The Sunday Times).

Highly experienced experts in their respective fields, they bring their wide range of professional services, technology and talent growth skills to bear on a wide variety of client challenges and needs. From building new digital teams to shaping mission critical digital programmes, they work in close partnership with C-suite leaders to accelerate digital delivery and drive change.

You can learn more about each individual by clicking on their image below.

AND Pioneers

Paramjit Uppal

CEO and

Simon Holden

Chief for Strategic Clients

Stephen Paterson

Chief for

Rob Farrell

Chief for Corporate Development

Will Sargeant

Chief for Business Development

Prag Patel

Chief for People and Process Connect

Kate MacDonald

Chief for

Isabelle Blanchot

Chief for Business Platform

James Sharpe

Chief for Strategic Alliances

Kirsty Salter

Chief for

Andrew Smith

Chief for

Malcolm Seagrave

UK Market

Tina Howell

Executive for Cloud Engineering

Jeroen Kleinhoven


Shan Beerstecher

Club Executive
Club Newton

Nathan Warner

Club Executive
Club Kilburn

Antonia Walt

Club Executive
Club Hamilton

Steve Offord-Woolley

Club Executive
Club Jemison

Amol Punekar

Club Executive
Club Dekker

Neil Lockwood

Club Executive
Club Spärck

Wendy Stonefield

Club Executive
Club Turing

Dave Livesey

Club Executive
Club Somerville

Mairead O'Connor

Club Executive
AND Next

Our Advisory Panel

Our advisory panel is an independent group made up of prominent industry leaders drawn from across the digital, technology, professional services and business spectrum. They bring fresh perspectives, insights and challenge to help the Pioneers on our journey in a modern and progressive way, whilst also ensuring we look after the commercial and fiduciary well being of the company.

Nick Caplan

Director & Chairman

Alex Snodgrass

Non-Executive Director

Angela Williams

Non-Executive Director

Philip Green

Advisory Panel Member

Paul Coby

Advisory Panel Member

Ian MacDonald

Advisory Panel Member

Deborah Okenla

Advisory Panel Member

Derek Cheng

Advisory Panel Member

Shirish Patel

Advisory Panel Member