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Let’s make a remarkable impact - globally

We accelerate the development of world-class digital capabilities.

But what does that really mean? It means we work WITH our clients’ people to help them build great digital products faster. We don’t just build, charge and leave. We believe software and data are at the core of every business, and remains primarily a people and team-driven activity. This means every business needs a critical scale of its own permanent people for it to be great at software and data.

We Guide, Build, and Equip. Integrating our team of digital experts with our client’s people, we help deliver digital products and equip their people with the skills and capabilities they need to continue to thrive.

A Remarkable Model

In order to help both our clients and our own people to thrive, we designed AND as a very unique organisational structure - known as our Club Model - which allows us to achieve the best of a small company feel and the impact of a large company. 

This enables us to create a human centric home for our people, known as ANDis, and optimal delivery teams for our clients. We support these teams with additional expertise to guide our clients on their digital journey, deeper expertise in cloud engineering and specialist services to upskilling and build client capability.

Each ANDi is part of a small, tight-knit cross-functional team called a Squad.  Six Squads, with practice leadership roles and a management team, make what we call a Club.

A Club serves between 8-12 different clients, large and small, across industries and tech stack. Each Club has its own physical space – a Clubhouse – with its own management team, and the autonomy to make its own decisions based on the need of its people and clients.

Enables Clubs, Consulting and Cloud Engineering with services such as recruitment, onboard, new clients, academy and coaching.

The Philosophy of AND

AND was created to disrupt and challenge the accepted way. When we started out, we had a Big Hairy Audacious Goal - Build a remarkable company by 2019. Achieving this meant creating a culture that was a beacon to others, benefited the community and accelerated digital aspirations by building products AND capabilities. 

To do this, we embraced the “genius of the AND”. 

The idea that you can’t have one without the other; it takes two to appreciate both.

  • Startup feel AND Planned
  • Informal AND Professional
  • Internal AND Client work
  • Supportive AND Challenging

Our new remarkable BHAG 

After achieving our first BHAG, and with increased confidence, we set out next BHAG - make a remarkable impact - globally in 2025. This comprises 5 interrelated goals and targets as follows:

AND goals and targets-1

Our Values 


There’s no end to our curiosity: we love to explore the impossible, the ‘what ifs’ - but we love to make them a reality even more.


We want to raise the bar and smash ceilings: we do this by giving back and lifting up, helping others to grow alongside us.


Good is a given: we demand more. We look for joy in the work we do, delivering services and products that people love and value.

Our goals and values help us take the steps with our ANDis and our clients in making a remarkable impact - globally. 

Why Choose AND?

We are proud to put our people, ANDis, at the heart of AND. This mindset leads to every one of ANDis to make a remarkable impact for our clients - building products AND their capability. This is what makes AND the provider of choice for our clients,

The five key reasons why clients choose  AND as their partner.

1. Collaborative Approach - Work as one team - challenge and bring ideas that build better products

2. Deliver Fast - Cohesive teams available now to accelerate delivery 

3. Build Capability - Our core belief is to make you independent 

4. Club Model - Truly unique - brings the best of a small firm and the clout of a large one

5. Commercials - Very competitive rate with two-week flexibility 

Community Values

Making a remarkable impact - globally, goes beyond just providing great service to clients. We are closing the world’s digital skills gap through our own people, our client’s people and the broader community around us. As a business, we also have a role to play in the community and society more generally, to follow socially responsible and ethical practices, to help towards an inclusive and diverse workplace and to reduce our impact on the environment.

We support our ANDis in giving back and volunteering and ensure everyone supports our social, ethical and inclusive principles. Learn more about our work in the community.