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What we do

Mobile application design, development and delivery

Exceptional apps build and strengthen relationships. Partner with AND Digital to deliver apps that power your organisation and enable growth

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Create exceptional mobile apps

We’ll work with you on the end-to-end process needed to deliver incredible apps - from strategy and user research to optimization - to ensure you have the capabilities to iterate, evolve, and scale

The app economy is critical to the growth of organisations of all kinds. It’s allowing businesses in all sectors, from retail to media, and from hospitality to financial services, to rethink and transform customer experiences.

But while great applications can transform a brand and revitalise the way the world interacts with an organisation, getting it wrong presents serious business risks. It can also be challenging to deliver quality products consistently - it requires the right people, processes, and mindset.

mobile app development

Imagine it and we'll help you build it

CX and UX strategy

We’ll help you to better understand your users so your apps are fully aligned with their needs.

App development

Our development expertise and skills will ensure your apps are resilient and performant.


We’ll support you to evolve your processes and capabilities so you can deliver at speed and scale.

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British Airways

Mobile App Case study • 2mins read

A new intuitive experience increased bookings for...

Tech Stack

Our Mobile App capabilities

We have a diverse range of software development capabilities across multiple stacks and providers.

We’re flexible and pragmatic and open about our approach to solving your software development problems.

JavaScript | React Native | Gatsby | Xamarin | Swift | Appcelerator | Ionic

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Guide • Build • Equip

Applying our service model to Mobile App Development

AND Digital’s unique model means we can provide full support at every stage of an application development project. That means that whatever challenges you face, we’ll be there to solve them with you

But we can support you in other ways as well. Our aim is to empower you with the UX knowledge and expertise needed to make your digital strategy successful.


We offer insight and guidance to help you to better understand your problems and identify potential solutions. From customer research to market analysis, we’ll ensure that the products we develop are underpinned by real data and respond to real needs and behaviours.


Our team is diverse and flexible, which means we can develop with the tech stack that best suits your needs. We’ll also develop together, in partnership, helping you to deliver in an agile manner that is fast but sustainable.


Because we work alongside our clients’ teams, we’re able to help evolve your skills and capabilities. This means we can leave a legacy and make an impact that lasts even after a project is complete. We’ll help you upskill and tackle your digital skills gaps.


Our work in Mobile App Development

Good Mobile Apps form the foundations of products of all kinds. Whether it’s a new consumer-facing app, or a multifaceted public service user journey, we have the flexibility to solve problems in diverse contexts.

We’ve worked with clients from a diverse range of industries and sectors. As a team of curious, ambitious, and empathetic technologists, we want to uncover and help solve interesting problems that occur where humans and technology meet.


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