Having remarkable products and platforms isn’t enough to stay ahead, you also need the digital capabilities that will set you up for sustained success. That’s why we’re committed to helping you build your skills, improve your ways of working, and accelerate innovation.


What is Equip?

Equip is a core belief at AND. We want to help all of our clients to think, act, and scale like a tech business, because we’ve recognised software and data is at the heart of everything. That means that we’re passionate about making sure that you learn, develop, and evolve through your partnership with us, in a way that just wouldn’t be possible with other organisations.

Our partnership won’t just leave you with remarkable platforms and products, it will also equip you with the capabilities you’ll need to close your digital skills gap and solve tomorrow’s complex problems. We’ll achieve this through building together, exposure to different ways of working, as well as your personalised Equip plan.

Building your capabilities

To ensure that we’re building your capabilities alongside your products and platforms, we adopt a proven 70:20:10 approach to upskilling.

This means that 70% of capability building is delivered through experience - the act of our people and your people working closely together in blended teams. To make sure that we’re doing this effectively, we employ techniques such as pair programming, mob programming, and collaborative code reviews - not only do these practices improve the quality of the products and platforms we build, they’re also proven mechanisms for nurturing peer-to-peer learning.

The next 20% is delivered through coaching and mentoring. Our people are committed to a culture of openness as well as continuous learning and improvement; it’s in our DNA. This allows us to bring these same attitudes to your organisation - breaking down silos, improving the status quo, and fostering a culture where your people prize learning new skills just as much as we do. We do this through the creation of communities, providing tailored opportunities for your people.

The final 10% is delivered through more formal upskilling, in the form of your bespoke Equip plan. This is a targeted set of initiatives that we formulate, measure, and iterate together to deliver on your specific capability goals.

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How will my Equip plan be developed?

Every client gets direct benefits from the people we bring to blended teams and the new ways of working we recommend. On top of that, your Equip plan focuses on targeted initiatives we run to deliver on your specific capability goals.

Your Equip plan is unique to your organisation, and is built on a core set of building blocks that are tailored to your needs. Your bespoke Equip plan can be made up of a blend of the following activities covering learning and development, coaching high performance, and innovation:

  • Learning pathways | Lean coffees & clinics | Lunch & learns | Communities of practice (CoP) | Training & workshops

  • 1:1 coaching | Mentors & buddying | Leadership coaching | Team ways of working | Team culture & mindset

  • Hackathons | Away days & off-sites | Lightning decision jams | Knowledge sharing | Talent practices

  • Challenging work | Developing new skills | Building new products 


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How is my Equip plan funded?

When you partner with us, you automatically accrue Learning Credits as we build products and platforms together. Learning Credits have a fixed value, and can be redeemed to offset the different activities outlined in your Equip plan. Depending on the size and scale of our partnership, you’ll earn a fixed number of credits each quarter.

When we’re building your Equip plan together, we’ll make sure that the programme of activities we propose is fully funded by your available Learning Credits, giving you total peace of mind and exceptional value. If you'd like to accelerate your capability building beyond the programme funded by your learning credits, talk to us about how we can make that happen.

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Equip insights

Check out the latest and greatest perspectives from our learning and development experts, covering everything you need to know about increasing your capabilities.

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The AND experience

Learn more about how our unique, collaborative approach will help you to close your digital skills gap and realise value for your organisation and customers, faster.


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