Data is no longer just a byproduct of software, it’s the fuel which powers the digital economy. Harnessing your data so that it has the greatest organisational impact is vital. We’ll help you unlock your data silos, build data products that deliver value quickly, and equip your people with the right data skills for the future.


What is data?

Your data comprises critical business insights and intelligence sourced from a variety of channels. If properly stored, sorted, and analysed, it has the potential to change the way you make decisions. With a comprehensive data strategy and scalable data platforms in place, you can make key strategic decisions confident in the knowledge that they are grounded in robust market analysis and operational effectiveness. In turn, this will enable you to drive growth through both offering your customers what they truly need, and optimising your ways of working based on real insights. 

The problems we solve

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Data-driven strategy & transformation

Become intelligence-driven, with a clear vision and strategy for deriving maximum value from your data. Our proven approach will align to your business objectives and equip you with an enduring data-driven culture. Our capabilities include designing data strategies, assessing whether your data is “fit for purpose”, data and AI governance, and developing return on investment frameworks for your data. This will leave you with improved data fluency, as well as a culture powered by clear leadership and vision around data.

Engineering data platforms for growth

Unlock the full value of your data by breaking down your silos and freeing the data stored in inaccessible databases. Our goal is to build a modern data platform that makes it easy to meet your organisational ambitions. Our capabilities cover data platform engineering, data architecture, data modelling, and data meshes. With experience in all the major cloud providers, we’ll engineer scalable data platforms that make your data available everywhere it’s needed, and power your growth.

Agile data product development

Make the most of your data through digital products that are designed and built to meet your business objectives. Our capabilities encompass data engineering, data integration and pipelines, data visualisation and dashboards, personalisation and recommendation engines, and artificial intelligence/machine learning (AI/ML) models. Critically, our Agile approach to product development will deliver value sooner, enabling you to quickly and effectively harness the power of your data.

Data insights that drive action

Gain a deeper understanding of how your business works, how your customers interact with your products and services, and how you can deliver remarkable digital experiences. Our expertise comprises forecasting and predictive analytics, customer segmentation and insight, product analytics, experimentation and testing strategies, measuring success, and effective data storytelling skills. Our approach will enable you to gain valuable insights into operational efficiencies, as well as customer behaviour, and will provide you with opportunities to develop and test new product features and offerings.

How we deliver

Discover how our approach to delivery will enable to you to build data solutions that will drive your business forward, at pace.

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The AND experience

Learn more about how our unique approach will help you to close your digital skills gap and maximise the value of the data you already have in your organisation.


Data insights

Check out the latest and greatest perspectives - from our expert data engineers - covering everything you need to know about data.

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Our data work

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