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Data Engineering and Insights

Partner with AND Digital to design and develop the infrastructure and capabilities you need to become truly data-driven

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Improve Your Data Infrastructure

We’ll help you to unleash the full potential of data

Being data-driven requires both a robust infrastructure and the right organisational mindset to leverage it. Building both is rarely easy - but done properly, the results can provide organisations with a competitive edge, helping them to better respond to change and better meet the needs of their customers. 

AND Digital can help you to design and develop the data infrastructure to power products and insights, and evolve your capabilities to successfully leverage the data at your disposal. 

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Fueling Growth in an Age of Data - Report

We partnered with Mark Chillingworth to get the thoughts of over 550 business decision makers on data as a driver of business growth.

The research shows that 94% know they could be driving greater growth as a result of a more sophisticated approach to data, but nearly a quarter are concerned that limited access to in-house skills is preventing them from achieving it.

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Fuelling Growth

Move from data to insight to action at speed

Embed data in the heart of your organisation

Infrastructure and architecture

We’ll help you understand the products, platforms, and patterns you need to be effective.

Pipeline optimization

Work with us to bridge the gap from raw data to insight by supporting you as you evolve and iterate your pipelines.

Data migration 

We’ll support you to evolve your infrastructure to unlock sharper analytics at speed.

Data analysis and optimisation 

We can support you to leverage data to improve products and services in a way that’s iterative and agile.

Data quality and governance

We’ll work with you to ensure the integrity of your data, and help you to comply with shifting regulatory requirements and user expectations.

Data strategy and capabilities

Our expertise will help you to develop a comprehensive data strategy that supports your organisation at all levels.

Guide • Build • Equip

Applying our service model to Data Engineering

Our Data Engineering capabilities can help Guide you in developing a comprehensive data strategy that supports your organisation at all levels

But we can support you in other ways as well. Our aim is to build the Data Engineering tools, knowledge and expertise to drive actionable insights from your data.


We’ll work with you to help you to identify where and how data engineering could improve your organisation or product. We’ll also show you how to capture user insights, to build a clearer picture of the people that use your products and services.


We can support you to develop or redevelop your data infrastructure. We have people from different backgrounds and with specific capabilities that can help you to build and deliver in ways that will transform your organisation.


We can help you to build the capabilities and processes you need to leave a lasting legacy of a data-driven approach, so data and insight remain at the core of how you approach digital development. We want our work to leave an impact and a legacy, so the value we deliver is more than the outcome of a single project.

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Our data experts at AND Digital share their knowledge and insights - read how data should be embedded in your organisation's culture to improve business performance and provide actionable insights

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