Organisational Structure

Our truly unique decentralised club model means we can support orgnisations and ANDis as a large enterprise whilst also giving the feel and attention of a small company

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A company to be proud of

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Every part of the business helps create a culture of excellence and inclusivity

We are building a business that people are proud to work for. A business that is driving real digital change worldwide. Central to this is creating a people-centric organisation that is able to attract, develop, and retain the best talent - a place where people can thrive and make a difference.

Every business function supports AND’s wider goals and ambitions - to make a remarkable impact globally.

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The Clubs

The Club Model

AND's unique model

An AND office is called a Club. A group of Clubs in a given region form a Hub. This decentralised model - which grants autonomy and independence to individual Clubs - is important to the way AND supports clients: it ensures that we provide the attentiveness of a small company AND the benefits and support of a larger organisation.

Let’s break down the structure to see where your skills and expertise will have the most impact. 

Our culture


We currently have 4 Hubs - UK South, UK North, Scotland and Benelux (Netherlands). Each hub is made up of multiple clubs within the area and a supporting team we call Tenzing.


Each Club has its own office space, its own leadership and its own vision.

Each Clubhouse operates with 6 squads, a practice group and a leadership team. The leadership team includes People Leads, Service Delivery Leads and a Club Executive.

This gives each Club the autonomy to shape and create their own culture.


Each Club operates with 6 smaller teams - called Squads - that work on delivering client projects. Within a squad, there are multiple levels of tech-focused roles to ensure a diverse range of skills. 

Each Squad has a range of associate ANDis all the way up to a Squad Lead to help manage workloads and prioritise scrum sprints but are still hands-on with client work.

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Club structure diagram_Desktop

Our enabling teams

We have 4 different enabling teams across AND that help the hubs/clubs with marketing, recruitment, training, finance and other supporting functions


The Tenzing business unit provides recruitment, academy, learning and development, coaching, marketing and client support for each Club in their respective Hub. Each Hub has its own Tenzing team dedicated to supporting the needs of their Clubs, helping them to drive new business and support career development. This work ranges from launching HR initiatives to running events to drive brand awareness.

The Link

The Link does exactly what it says it does: it links. It’s important to AND because it connects Hubs and provides vital company-wide services, such as talent mobility, onboarding, recruitment, IT, communications, and account management.


Our BHAG teams are dedicated to helping AND reach its ambitious growth targets - our Big Hairy Audacious Goals. There are 5 key themes that inform the work our teams do here: market impact, tech impact & skills, people evolution, business platform and 10x growth. Each BHAG team has a particular focus, helping to power AND’s corporate strategy to unlock rapid growth.

AND Company 

This is where we manage finance, governance, compliance, HR, and legal issues. It’s also where key strategic decisions are made by the C-suite.



The benefits of a club model

Our model is a fundamentally different experience from other tech consultancies. We want to ensure it stays that way.

  • We have a close-knit community working together
  • We have our own vision, culture and ways of working - being part of a squad means you get to shape the working culture of your team rather than being told from 
  • We focus on growth and innovation
  • We unlock the best in people with dedicated career coaching 
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Club Model