The AND Digital experience

Working with us feels different from other technology partners. We work tirelessly to build genuine, lasting, close and impactful partnerships with each of our clients. Nothing makes us happier than when you tell us that our people “feel a part of your team”. Together, we’ll make a remarkable impact through the products, platforms, and capabilities that we build.


Client partnerships

Our approach is built around forming a personal understanding of your challenges and ambitions. That’s why we have a Client Partnerships team rather than a sales team. Their aim is to work collaboratively with you to explore possibilities, set the right goals, propose outcomes to drive impact in your business, and define our shared ambition to get there together.

Our co-written Value Agreements will give you the trust and confidence that together we will deliver against your ambitions.


Our service approach

Our approach is designed around multi-disciplinary Clubs. From the first engagement, you'll be introduced to your dedicated Club and service team.

Only ever a call away, they work closely with you at all times, ensuring we bring the right skills at the right time to achieve your ambitions. What’s more, we’re inherently flexible, so you can scale up or down with just 2 weeks' notice to meet your needs.

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Our engagement model

We understand that no two clients are the same. That’s why we offer you a choice in how we partner. Whether you prefer to work on a time and materials basis, or on a defined project with a clear scope, we can help. Whichever option you feel is right for you, rest assured that our Equip offering is included. Leaving you with the capabilities you need to thrive, now and in the future.

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We hire and upskill our people in the technologies you need, both today and in the future. That means a continual focus on evolving our technology approach, such as the increasing use of Generative AI to help you solve complex problems in new and innovative ways. Our people have a depth and breadth of expertise across the engineering languages, frameworks, and platforms that drive proven business and customer outcomes for your organisation.



We’ve delivered great things in partnership with the major cloud hyperscalers and leading composable SaaS technology providers. The strength of our partnerships provides you with the advantages of assurance and scale, as well as access to the best-of-breed technology solutions and expertise to meet your organisational challenges.


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