“When we build teams, we build them with our clients” - Paramjit Uppal talks to Raconteur

01 April 2022 • 2 min read

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It’s often overlooked that when we talk about agility, what we’re referring to isn’t so much a technology problem, but rather a people one. Although the ability to adapt to change, to deliver new features, products, and services is certainly something that can be aided by the right technical solutions, it’s ultimately people that are critical to success.

This is true in a number of ways. This starts with the personal - someone’s motivation, their energy, their skills and knowledge - all the way through to the organisational: how do people collaborate and communicate? Are they sharing information? Are they focusing on the right things?

While many organisations express a tacit awareness of this, talking about, for example, being ‘people-focused’ or customer-centric, at AND Digital, it’s built into our DNA (which is, coincidentally, AND spelt backwards!). This is because we don’t simply focus on the truisms of the importance of people but rather look at how people - both as individuals and as teams - can connect, organise, and problem solve in new and surprising ways. Doing so is critical in ensuring that we - and the clients with whom we partner - can achieve success.

“Increasingly, we are living in an ‘and’ not ‘or’ world,” CEO Paramjit Uppal said to Raconteur. “‘Or’ is no longer a viable strategy for organisations. We need to be good, for example, at both experience design and engineering.” In other words, this means it’s not enough to simply see challenges as ones that can be solved with a new technology or new platform - it’s about configuring organisations to empower people to solve complex and multifaceted problems alongside one another.

This thinking informs how AND Digital works with clients. “When we build teams, we build them with our clients. It is a shared commitment to a shared problem,” Uppal says. Such an approach is important to the organisation as it seeks to tackle the digital skills gap head on.

The Raconteur article ends with a clear call to action:


“We are calling on businesses and organisations across the UK to join us in tackling this major challenge together. We will be working on ways to scale these approaches and to work with organisations and society to make a real difference.”


The task is daunting, but together AND Digital believes real change is possible - to the benefit of everyone.



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