ONS to digitise survey collection and analysis with AND Digital

20 June 2023 • 2 min read

ONS and AND Digital logos, on a background of digital graphs

We're excited to announce our partnership with the Office for National Statistics (ONS). Building on the success of The ONS’ first digital census in 2021, our partnership will enable The ONS to collect and analyse surveys digitally – making it easier and faster for citizens to contribute to UK government decisions. 

Working together, we will deliver an increase in the volume of online surveys and make key improvements for both end users and The ONS' staff, as well as simplifying survey development and reducing operational costs. The anticipated results will see benefits across The ONS’ technical and non-technical staff who will be better placed to quickly respond to requirements for new and amended surveys, supporting overall UK policy making.

Chosen as The ONS’ first digital delivery partner, we hold dual two-year contracts as its Software Engineering Services Partner and Delivery Capability Partner. Blended teams from our Bristol-based Club Wangari and The ONS will work together to support the building of in-house capacity and the transfer of skills and knowledge to civil servants, as part of our core Equip proposition to upskill all of our clients.

Chris Gray, Chief for Public Sector at AND Digital said: “The ONS plays a critical role in collecting and analysing vital information related to the UK economy, population and society at national, regional and local levels – helping support decision making in the country. We’ve seen it innovate with the first digital census held in 2021 – what we will achieve together is building on the success of that, helping it collect and analyse data easier and speedier than ever before – so citizens can ultimately see impact sooner.” 

Jonathan Postans, Club Executive for Club Wangari at AND Digital stated: “Data that The ONS collects feeds central and local government, businesses, charities, academics and more with important insights – from economic to social statistics – to help them make decisions and plan for the future. We’re thrilled to be able to help support them on their digital journey by looking at smarter ways to capture, transform and serve up data.”


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