AND Digital Supports How I See Tomorrow, A Creative Global Initiative

14 May 2020 • 2 min read

AND Digital Supports How I See Tomorrow, A Creative Global Initiative (1)

AND Digital is delighted to be working with other organisations including Hobbycraft and Elmwood on the launch of How I See Tomorrow -  a global initiative that invites children across the world to share their thoughts on COVID-19 in a creative way.


Whether it’s a drawing, a painting, a photograph, or even a sculpture that tells the story, children across the globe are being invited to share their creations on the How I See Tomorrow website. These pieces of art could show how they’re spending their time, what they’ve learnt and how they’re interacting with loved ones. In addition to a piece of art, children are encouraged to write a note about what this period has taught them about the future and how they would like to change the world for the better – their own unique take on ‘how I see tomorrow’.


There are plans to exhibit the artwork in galleries and museums around the world, with prominent institutions in the UK, Australia, Singapore, USA, and Canada all pledging support.


Chairman of creative agency Elmwood, and one of the originators of the project, Jonathan Sands OBE said of the initiative:


“These are unprecedented times which will be looked back on as a time of substantial change to how we live. We wanted to encourage children across the world to share their thoughts on this current pandemic, the future and what we can learn from it. We wanted to see it through their eyes so that we can make positive changes to the way we live, work and play in the future.”


In three weeks, a small team of ANDis built the initiative's website portal, which includes the ability to submit artwork and a gallery of submissions. The fast pace of delivery was an important consideration, enabling the project to go live as fast as possible to support children across the world. AND's Executive for Club Murray in Leeds, Malcolm Seagrave, commented:


"It’s so vital we support young people during this challenging time, and it was a privilege to put our technical expertise to work on their behalf - ensuring that this wonderful project could come to fruition as fast as possible for children to enjoy.


Our team worked tirelessly to build this fun, easy-to-use site in only three weeks, and I’m incredibly grateful for their efforts. The hope and creativity we have seen already from children taking part has been nothing short of inspirational for all of us, and we look forward to helping more children across the world express themselves as they look towards a brighter future.”




The initiative is currently being supported by Elmwood, AND Digital, Hobbycraft, Gordon’s LLP, Pimento, DBA, The Creative Industries Federation and The Social Media Geek.


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