AND Digital announces Glasgow launch - with 100 new tech jobs

27 May 2021 • 2 min read

AND Digital announces Glasgow launch - with 100 new tech jobs (1)

AND Digital is delighted to be launching its second Scottish club in Glasgow, following the rapid expansion of its Edinburgh club, launched in 2020.


Taking office space in George Square, the Glasgow club will replicate what has been achieved in Edinburgh by creating 100 new tech jobs for analysts, developers and designers across a range of levels over the next 12 months.


Scotland's digital landscape


The push to digital is an indelible shift in the fabric of the Scottish economy and shows no signs of slowing.  AND Digital’s people-first approach helps businesses close their digital skills gaps by working together with clients to build their digital products, upskill their people and deepen their broader digital capabilities.  


The recent launch of the new Digital Strategy for Scotland highlighted the dramatic acceleration of digital business models during the pandemic, finding that overall 73% of businesses shifted to digital to provide goods and services. Companies were forced to do things in very short order, that their transformation roadmaps had said would take many months or even years.


The report also emphasised the very real challenges posed by the digital skills gap in Scotland magnified by Covid-19.  It identified sectoral skills gaps relating to digital technology and raised the importance and urgency of further digital transformation across the economy.


Paramjit Uppal, CEO and Founder said:


“Scottish businesses have shown tremendous grit and determination over the past 12 months as they have sought to reconcile their business models to the difficulties posed by the pandemic. However, we’ve been fortunate to work with clients of all shapes and sizes who have pivoted towards the new opportunities digital offers. Scotland is an important market for us and we are confident in its very bright future. Glasgow is the obvious next step for us.


“We launched our Edinburgh club at the cusp of the first lockdown and have built it from the ground up working remotely as a club and with our clients. While we look forward to reopening our club houses and seeing each other in person when it is safe to do so, we are well placed to launch Glasgow to our blended working environment. It works for us and our clients."


About AND Digital


AND Digital currently employs around 800 people. between the UK and Amsterdam. The company’s decentralised model is built from ‘clubs’, each comprising 80-90 people. While clubs are largely autonomous - allowing them to respond quickly to client needs in their portfolio, - they share a common set of values, culture, and operating playbook. This allows AND Digital to combine the best of startup culture with big company resources. 


With a strong people-first reputation and focus, the company’s rapid growth has been widely recognised, having been recently listed 24th in the Financial Times Top 1000 fastest growing companies in Europe. The company has also appeared on The Sunday Times Top 100 Best Companies list for several consecutive years and is currently ranked 3rd Best Company to Work For in Scotland.


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