AND Digital secures top rankings in Best Companies UK Awards

28 May 2021 • 3 min read

AND Digital secures top rankings in Best Companies UK Awards (1)

AND Digital is very pleased to announce its rankings as one of the top companies in the UK on this years’ Best Companies UK Awards list.

The last year has been a defining moment for many companies, but here at AND Digital we know that placing people at the heart of the business has been key to driving it forward into an exciting new chapter, despite challenging conditions.


This year, the Best Companies UK Awards list shows we have moved up, which is testament to the great people we have on board as we continue to grow to be one of top companies in the UK, a place everyone is proud to work at and making a change to close the digital skills gap.


What's the score?


Having a look at the regional breakdown, we are delighted to be listed as the following:


  • South East – 1st 

  • Scotland – 3rd

  • Yorkshire & Humber – 5th

  • North West – 6th 

  • London – 18th


Coming in first place in the South East, despite only hosting one Club, really demonstrates the value our engineers and wider teams can deliver to clients, supporting them with highly technical tasks and equipping them with the knowledge they need to succeed in future projects.


Moving the needle


More broadly, AND Digital has ranked highly in the industry categories, too:


  • Best Tech Company – 6th 

  • Best Large Company – 15th


Moving into the ‘large company’ category this year is in itself a huge milestone for us. A big part of AND Digital’s mission has been to maintain the agility of a small company, with its autonomous Club structure, whilst having the impact and expertise of a large one. Listing alongside big brands like Camelot, Beaverbrooks and Toyota proves you can indeed be small AND mighty. This kind of recognition motivates us to keep delivering excellent, high-quality services across the UK and beyond.


These rankings solidify AND Digital as one of the top companies in the UK amongst other large businesses, for more than 3 years in a row. 


Moving the needle


“This kind of recognition is hugely exciting. As a company, our goal isn’t to simply deliver leading digital products at an impressive pace, but also to upskill our clients’ teams and people, closing the digital skills gap globally. None of our success would be possible without our incredible ANDis (what we call our people) across all our clubs and teams, so these rankings really speak to their contribution every day in making AND such a wonderful place. I am really proud that AND ranks so highly in all these categories, and of course to lead a team of such talented ANDis on an exciting journey.”


Read about our success as one of the top companies in the UK in the best companies 2020 awards and the 2019 awards.  


About AND Digital


AND Digital currently employs over 1,000 people between the UK and Amsterdam. The company’s decentralised model is built from ‘clubs’, each comprising 80-90 people. While clubs are largely autonomous - allowing them to respond quickly to client needs in their portfolio, - they share a common set of values, culture, and operating playbook. This allows AND Digital to combine the best of startup culture with big company resources. 


With a strong people-first reputation and focus, the company’s rapid growth has been widely recognised, having been recently listed 24th in the Financial Times Top 1000 fastest growing companies in Europe. The company has also appeared on The Sunday Times Top 100 Best Companies list for several consecutive years and is currently ranked 3rd Best Company to Work For in Scotland.


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