AND Digital achieves AWS DevOps Competency Partner status

30 April 2021 • 2 min read

AND Digital Achieves AWS DevOps Competency Partner Status (1)

AND Digital is delighted to announce that it has been recognised by Amazon Web Services (AWS) as an AWS DevOps Competency Partner.

Becoming a Competency Partner requires a company to demonstrate its technical expertise in delivering DevOps solutions on AWS Cloud for customers across multiple industries, use cases and workloads.

Helping our clients embrace a Devops mindset


As an AWS DevOps Competency Partner, we can help our clients embrace the right combination of cultural changes, practices, and tools to embrace a DevOps mindset.


For example, we can help you simplify the provision and management of your IT infrastructure, deploy your application code, automate your software release processes, and monitor your applications and infrastructure performance with ease. As a result, you can optimise each stage of your software development lifecycle on AWS and get your digital products and services to market, faster.


What it means to us


AND Digital’s Executive for Cloud Engineering, Tina Howell, commented on the achievement:


“Becoming an AWS DevOps Competency Partner demonstrates our DevOps expertise across a wide range of industries. At AND Digital, we’ve helped many of our clients embrace this innovative set of practices.


“AWS allows companies to quickly and safely build products using DevOps practices and, with our support, we can also upskill their internal teams, streamline their processes, select the right tools and rapidly accelerate time-to-market."


Delivering services at speed


AWS provides a set of flexible services designed to enable companies to more rapidly and reliably build and deliver products using AWS and DevOps practices.


“The scalability and flexibility that AWS offers is key,” Howell continued, “Its DevOps capabilities allow organisations to deliver applications and services at high velocity: evolving and improving products at a faster pace than organisations using traditional software development and infrastructure management processes. This speed means organisations can better serve their customers and compete more effectively in the market.”


About AND Digital


AND Digital currently employs around 800 people. The company’s decentralised model is built from ‘clubs’, each comprising 80-90 people. While clubs are largely autonomous - allowing them to respond quickly to client needs in their portfolio, - they share a common set of values, culture, and operating playbook. This allows AND Digital to combine the best of startup culture with big company resources.


With a strong people-first reputation and focus, the company’s rapid growth has been widely recognised, having been recently listed 24th in the Financial Times Top 1000 fastest growing companies in Europe. The company has also appeared on The Sunday Times Top 100 Best Companies list for several consecutive years and is currently ranked 10th best company to work for in the UK.


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