Tech Swindon Summit 2020: Deep Dive - WebAssembly, Rust and Blazor

03 November 2020 • 2 min read

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Join us online at Tech Swindon Summit 2020, where we will be deep diving into the opportunities presented by WebAssembly, as well as WebAssembly-based frameworks, Rust and Blazor.


JavaScript has long been the king of languages for the web, and has improved in both features and performance - but is there a challenger in waiting? WebAssembly and the rapidly emerging frameworks that work with it promise to allow developers to write applications that are almost as performant as native code, while remaining in the browser. In this talk Jeff Watkins, AND’s Chief Engineer, will explain what WebAssembly is, if it could replace JavaScript, and how it could work alongside it to help provide the future of performant and interactive. To show the potential of WebAssembly, Sam Benali, Tech Lead, and George MacKay-Shore, Senior Product Developer at AND, will demonstrate two technologies that use it - Rust and Microsoft’s Blazor.

About Jeff


Jeff is the chief engineer at AND Digital. Starting in BASIC at the age of six, Jeff has spent over 21 years in the industry, across multiple sectors. Having used C++, Java, C#, JavaScript and many other languages over the course of his career, he has a keen interest in new technology and languages that can help clients accelerate their delivery.


About George


George is a product developer at AND Digital. Having started his career in embedded systems and operating systems, there’s a special place in his heart for making programming in the embedded space more accessible for everyone. He's worked in the children’s games and enterprise consultancy sectors, and has extensive experience in full-stack development, DevOps processes, Agile methodologies, and numerous programming languages.


About Sam


Sam is a tech lead at AND Digital. He has 20 years of experience in working as a software developer, tackling a variety of domain problems at varying scales. Sam is experienced with both imperative and functional programming paradigms.




17.30: Welcome and join online

17.35: Jeff Watkins - WebAssembly - A Background

17.45: George MacKay-Shore - Rust and WebAssembly Demo

17.55: Sam Benali - Microsoft’s Blazor Demo

18.10: Q&A Time

18.30: Close


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