Hacktoberfest 2020 x AND Digital

06 October 2020 • 1 min read


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Hacktoberfest 2020 - brought to you by DigitalOcean, in partnership with Dev and Intel - is a month-long celebration of open-source software.


As part of this celebration, AND Digital are running sessions online that are open to all, regardless of previous experience levels.

For beginners, we’ll be sharing how to start with Git and Github, as well as information on how to get support during Hacktoberfest.

For more experienced members of the community, we will invite maintainers to guide would-be contributors, and offer contributors the opportunity to give back to projects.


No contribution is too small - bug fixes and documentation updates are valid ways of participating.


In this session we will cover:


  • Git fundamentals
  • Github introduction with Niall Grant, maintainer and core contributor to Sceptre
  • Being an open-source developer with Christos Matskas, Senior Programme Manager and Developer Advocate at Microsoft

About Hacktoberfest


To qualify for the official limited edition Hacktoberfest shirt, you must register on the Hacktoberfest site here, and make four pull requests between 1st - 31st October.


Pull requests can be to any public repo under the Hacktoberfest GitHub. If a maintainer reports your pull request as spam or spammy behaviour, or not in line with the project’s code of conduct, you will be ineligible to participate.


Can't make it to this Hacktoberfest event? Hacktoberfest is virtual and open to participants from around the globe: sign up here to participate in another way.




18.30: Introduction and overview of Hacktoberfest

18.50: Connecting to online tools

19.00: Event splits into two streams

Join Zoom 1 for Git fundamentals

Join Zoom 2 for group discussion and networking

20.00: Join Zoom 1 for Github introduction with Niall Grant, maintainer and core contributor to Sceptre

Join Zoom 2 for Christos Matskas, Senior Program Manager and Developer Advocate at Microsoft

21.00: Event close


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