Debate: using scaling frameworks for delivery

17 June 2020 • 1 min read

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Welcome to the next Agile Reading meetup!


Our mission is to grow the Agile community in Reading and share new trends and techniques in the Agile world.


Join us for this month’s Agile Reading meetup and our first group debate!


We will facilitate a structured debate with pre- and post-debate voting to see if the group is swayed by the discussion.


The motion is "Scaling Frameworks" - The 'house' believes that organisations with over 50 people in their delivery functions should use a scaling framework (e.g. SAFe, LeSS, Nexus, Scrum@Scale).




17.45: Join online and introductions

18.00: Agile debate group - facilitated by Stuart Munton and Adam Hall


  • Introduction to the motion - "Scaling Frameworks"
  • Pre-debate vote
  • Break into 'For' and 'Against' groups
  • Prepare arguments
  • Time boxed debate of the topic
  • Post-debate vote

19.45: Close


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