The data ethics of finance

01 December 2020 • 1 min read

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Join us at Turing Fest 2020 as we explore the shift to people owning their own data, where firms are custodians, and what this means for the finance industry.


Our first speaker, Kevin Telford, Client Engagement Lead to the Global Open Finance Centre of Excellence, will share his insights into how we make our financial data work better for us and our society through financial education. Kevin will then talk about the role data ethics has to play for the development of fintech solutions, particularly with data savvy consumers.


David Avis, our second speaker and Squad Lead at AND Digital, will then drill down into data-savvy consumers to one of the trickiest customers  - children. He’ll explore the special ethical issues around financial literacy products for children including access, consent, data capture and how use of these products might impact a child’s financial future.


About Kevin


Kevin Telford is an innovative, curious, award-winning business strategist, leader, founder and advisor. He is an author, keynote speaker, lecturer and part of DataIQ’s Top 100 most influential people in data. Currently a Client Engagement Lead to the Global Open Finance Centre of Excellence and a Client Partnerships Lead at AND Digital, Kevin is also the co-founder of an open finance company and advisor to social impact organisations.


About David


David Avis is a Squad Lead at AND Digital with over 20 years’ experience leading business analysis, tech and business change across the financial services sector. He is a self-professed payments geek, and has expertise in a wide range of retail consumer payment products and digital payments platforms.




17.30: Join online and introduction

17.35: Talk one - Kevin Telford

17.55: Talk two - David Avis

18.15: Questions

18.30: Close


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