AND She Can: What the Tech? Get into Tech!

22 July 2021 • 1 min read

AND She Can- What the Tech_ Get into Tech! (1)

Our session will focus on graduates and career starters who are interested in getting into technology careers. We aim to share insights and stories into how you can stand out in the graduate crowd from one of our amazing graduate recruiters, Sharan Nijjar, and transferable skills with the wonderful Rabi Ahmuda.

This session will start with a fun, interactive activity to break the ice, followed by the aforementioned inspirational talks. We will then jump into the panel portion of the event, covering two exciting topics around:

  • What companies look for on applications and how applicants can stand out

  • Types of tech companies

  • Company culture and how to find a culture that suits you

The audience will have the opportunity to share their questions via chat for the panel.


Rabi Ahmadu

  • Associate Analyst AND Food Connoisseur

  • Mother with 2 Degrees, a Masters and is considering another Masters (part-time)

Harriet Mackenzie

  • Tech Recruiter (Cloud) AND Diet Coke Enthusiast

  • Lived in New York for a year

Antonia Walt

  • Club Executive AND Arts Lover

  • Family is very important to her as she is the youngest of 9 siblings and a mother

Sharan Nijjar

  • Associate Recruiter (Graduate) AND Explorer

  • Met Princess Anne at the opening of her new Sixth Form centre

We look forward to seeing you there!

AND She Can team
AND Digital



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