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AND She Can: What the Tech?! Developers - Let's Tech Together!

The aim of this session is to discuss various developer roles available in tech and the skill sets required to achieve them.

This session aims to inspire women to consider a job in tech. In particular, we want to spark an interest in a role as a developer. We want to eliminate the stigma that coding jobs imply being at your desk for eight hours a day typing and instead, give a true representation of what it’s like to be a developer.

We’ll highlight the different roles involved, what technologies are used and how to learn these technologies. We also have a short demo on how these roles come together to build something amazing.

Finally, we will have a panel of developers talking about how their day-to-day looks and what they love about their roles.


Ebe Etiiobhio
Associate Developer AND Fashionista


Lisa Li
Team Lead AND Homestyler

Sarah Wright
Team Lead AND Keen Dressmaker

Khadija Rehman
Associate Developer AND Explorer

Alex Dimitrov
Developer AND Movie Buff

Yusuf Bismillah
Associate Developer AND Arsenal Fan

We look forward to seeing you there!

AND She Can team
AND Digital