Amplifying performance with OKRs

18 November 2020 • 1 min read

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Welcome to the next Agile Reading meetup!

Our mission is to grow the Agile community in Reading and share new trends and techniques in the Agile world. Join us for this month’s Agile Reading meetup, where Stephen Morris will share tips for building fearless and engaged teams with OKRs.


OKRs are a focused and learning-based framework for handling outcomes. They drive execution, foster ambition, and promote alignment and agility. Implemented in the right way, they can have a transformative effect on teams, ultimately increasing performance over time.


In this interactive session, Stephen will share the key concepts that underpin effective OKRs, and dispel some myths about what they are and what they’re not. He will also demonstrate how to write and critique OKRs in the pursuit of delivering more value to your business.


About Stephen


Stephen Morris helps IT leaders build fearless and engaged teams that truly drive organisations forward: Teams that ROCK!

He has an accomplished and award-winning background leading and consulting in complex, uncertain and high-scale technical organisations, with more than a decade spent at some of the UK’s leading cloud providers.


From that experience, Stephen will tell you that the most successful teams aren’t formed through certifications and training, but instead by the environment that leaders create: one of trust, autonomy and safety. Get that right and teams will amaze you, customers will love you and your teams will rock!




17.45 - Icebreaker

18.00 - Intro

18.10 - Ambition, Agility and Value: How to amp performance with OKRs

19.15 - Q&A

19.30 - Close


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