Agile Reading: How I used Scrum to write a book

09 November 2021 • 1 min read

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'How I used Scrum to write a book' - Mark Faulkner


Are you ever so slightly stressed with getting Scrum and Agile right? You’re not alone; tons of organisations across the world are too. Mark is regularly asked why it’s so hard to get right, so he wrote a book that explains why, and used Scrum to help. Pretty cool huh? Join us at the next Agile Reading meet-up to hear Mark Faulkner's talk on 'How I used scrum to write a book'.


In this session, we'll discuss how he approached the whole project, why it’s not ‘done done’ yet, what Lean publishing even is, and try to answer your questions.


The in-progress work “Why is this so hard? - Mastering Scrum and Agile” is available for purchase now, from Leanpub -

About Mark


Mark Faulkner has a wealth of experience gained from Scrum teams, Agile delivery and Agile training delivery across Europe. He's a certified Scrum Master (PSMII), and has a proven track record of making complex stuff really easy to understand.




17.45: Join online and introductions

18.00:'How I used Scrum to write a book' - Mark Faulkner

19.15: Close

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