Agile Reading: Safety in Numbers

23 September 2021 • 1 min read

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Welcome to the next Agile Reading meetup!


Our mission is to grow the Agile community in Reading and share new trends and techniques in the Agile world.


“Safety in Numbers” - Mike Dimitriadis


How to use data to make you look good, but more importantly to use data in the right way to enable data-driven delivery.


About Mike


Mike is passionate about continuous improvement. His work leads to him mentoring individuals, coaching teams, and supporting organisations to evolve their agile delivery practices, so that they can meet the needs of their customers more effectively and efficiently.

Mike has been helping teams deliver software and facilitating business change for over 15 years for organisations such as M&S, Ageas, CompareTheMarket and The Economist.


Mike has extensive experience in agile delivery and advising organisations on how agile practices can drive value to the user, and build a culture that empowers teams to take ownership of the solutions they build.




17.45: Join Online + Icebreaker

18:00: Introductions + House Rules

18.05: “Safety in Numbers” - Mike Dimitriadis

19.15: Close + Shoutouts

19:30: Finish




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