Agile Reading: The MVP is dead

15 July 2021 • 1 min read

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Is the MVP dead? And if it isn’t, is it time we killed it off?

Join a thought-provoking and possibly controversial talk as we hear the case for killing off MVPs, and explore what you should use instead.


Following the spirit of Agile Manifesto signatory Dave Thomas’ 2015 talk “Agile is Dead,” Principal Consultant Phill Gillespie will ask whether the notion of the MVP is fit for purpose in 2021.  By rethinking this well-established concept within the broader context of product development, Phill will argue that there are other ways we can innovate and consistently create compelling propositions for customers.


Will it make you question things you thought were sacrosanct? Will you be convinced by the end of the talk? Will there be a lively discussion afterwards? Only one way to find out, join us on Wed 21 July.


About Phill


Phill Gillespie is a Principal Consultant at AND Digital, and former CPO at the multiple award-winning Fintech Money Dashboard. In between those roles he worked with the co-founder of Monzo and the team at 11:FS to design and build a new mobile-only bank in Standard Chartered in Hong Kong.


With 12+ years across product and consulting, Phill is driven by a passion for Jobs to be Done (JTBD) theory, Lean Startup principles, GV Design Sprints, and Scrum. As a self-proclaimed Tech Psychologist he is also passionate about the ‘why’ that underpins those tools and using them to deliver loveable solutions for customers.




17.45: Join online and introductions

18.00: The MVP is Dead

18.30: Questions, maybe Answers

19.15: Close




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