Why listening to customers can be a bad idea

17 February 2021 • 1 min read

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Companies often pride themselves on being a “customer-first” business and having the customer at the “heart of their business”. But is this a good idea, or are we putting too much value on the customers, who often don’t tell us how they really feel and don’t do what they said they were going to?


Join us for this month’s Agile Reading meetup, where Gary Houlihan, Managing Consultant at AND, will be exploring some lies that customers tell us, and how listening to customers when building digital products could turn out to be a terrible idea. Gary will also uncover new ways of gathering customer insights that will make your digital products stand out - instead of just fitting in with competitors’ products.


About Gary


Gary Houlihan is Managing Consultant at AND Digital. He has been with the company for over six years, which makes him an original ANDi with expertise in digital products. Gary’s experience with key clients includes multiple roles stretching from Product Analyst, Scrum Master and Agile Coach through to Product Delivery Lead, Product Owner and Consultant.




17.45: Icebreaker

18.00: Intro

18.10:  Why Listening To Customers Can Be A Bad Idea - Gary Houlihan

19.15: Q&A

19.30: Close


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