The Agile Manifesto needs an update

16 June 2021 • 1 min read

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Welcome to the next Agile Reading meetup!

Our mission is to grow the Agile community in Reading and share new trends and techniques in the Agile world.


Does the Agile Manifesto need an update? Join an interactive Agile Reading session as we explore this as a group, and attendees will be asked to ‘change my mind’. 


We will ask ourselves some potentially uncomfortable questions around the values and principles therein, and whether they are fit for purpose in 2021. We will explore the facts behind the manifesto, some of the anti-patterns we observe, what others in the agile community are saying about it, and lastly, whether there are any alternatives.


As an outcome from this session, it is hoped that people are able to engage in healthy debate around the subject, and hopefully both learn and enjoy the experience.


About Chris


Chris Stone is The Virtual Agile Coach, an Enterprise Agile Coach / Agile Transformation Lead / Scrum Master with over 9 years experience within the IT industry. His Industry experience includes Retail, Transport and Logistics, Telecommunications, Online Gaming, Oil, Gas and Automotive. Chris enjoys challenging those he works with to continually experiment, build hypotheses, predict an expected outcome, attempt something and learn by contrasting the actual vs expected outcomes. This isn't limited to software solutions, but extends to processes and ways of working.




17.45: Join online and introductions

18.00: The Agile Manifesto Needs An Update

19.15: Close




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