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Digital transformation is no longer enough

17 November 2022 • 2 min read

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Traditional digital transformation enables organisations to catch up and keep up with competitors and market demands. But it’s no longer enough. The pace of change, turbulent economic conditions and ever changing consumer needs, means a new way of doing things is needed. One that gives companies agility, minimises risk and allows rapid strategic switches. 


We call this Digital Greatness. A way of thinking, operating and adapting that gives organisations the capabilities to not only keep up, but to outperform. Such companies gain:


  • Improved financial performance
  • Increased agility and responsiveness
  • Greater resilience and the ability to pivot
  • Reduced risk from change
  • Improved insights for more informed decision making
  • Faster delivery of digital products and services


From our work with hundreds of successful organisations, we’ve identified seven characteristics that are exhibited by companies who thrive in the digital economy. Companies that are Digitally Great. 


These are:


  • Purpose Driven

    Organisations that have a powerful mission, above and beyond just profit, tend to be three times more successful than those that don’t.


  • Customer Obsessed

    Great organisations put the customer’s needs at the heart of every decision they make and deliver amazing customer experiences. 


  • Dynamic and Innovative

    Those that can rapidly change strategy to react to market, economic and competitor changes with minimal risk, are those that thrive. 


  • Effective and Aligned

    The most successful companies align all efforts and processes to a common goal. They have an operating model that facilitates them being  agile and efficient. 


  • Digital at the Core

    The right technology and capabilities underpinning the company’s operations enable the agility needed for success. 


  • Magnets for Talent

    Great companies are those that everyone wants to work for. They attract, train and retain the best talent.


  • Intelligence Driven

    When you have the right information, in the right hands, at the right time, you can make faster and better informed business decisions.


Our AND Consulting practice have made it their mission to guide companies on their journey to Digital Greatness. We work with organisations to identify where they are strong, where and how they can improve, and we equip them with the capabilities, skills and technology to thrive. 


It’s no longer enough to transform your organisation. To survive and thrive, companies need to become Digitally Great.

You can learn more about Digital Greatness from the experts at Sky, Nationwide, Zoopla and AND Consulting, at our upcoming webinar.


Digital Greatness

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