Developing your CloudOps Model

06 July 2023 • 2 min read

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On 15 June, Rick Boyce, MD Cloud Engineering, took the stage at DIGIT’s Cloud First Summit 2023 in Edinburgh to guide the attendees through the value of Cloud migration and the various CloudOps models you can deploy.


What is a CloudOps model?


A cloud operating model (or CloudOps model) is the collection of processes and procedures that define how you want to operate technology in the cloud.


Boyce explains the journey of many Cloud transformation projects and discusses the pitfalls and opportunities it brings to every organisation. “Your CloudOps model is not your org chart! Drive your transformation efforts from the business needs, not the organisational structure” says Boyce.


How do you set your organisation up for success when defining a CloudOps model?


In addition to the technical expertise and processes required for success, Boyce also touches on the need to bring senior management along on the journey as well as the required focus on equipping and upskilling your team members for success. Boyce adds: "Most companies look at one of 3 types of migration: infrastructure driven, application driven or business process driven. It is not to say that the last one is the most suitable option for everyone as the right option largely depends on the existing IT stack, the maturity of the organisation and the willingness to invest in people. A good starting point for all options, is to define the business value you aim to get out of the migration project."


Boyce describes the required steps an organisation needs to take to move from "sustain" to "optimise" and "grow". Boyce: "At AND Digital we have a wealth of experience in helping organisations through each of the steps. We stress the importance of starting early and evolving your model along the way, while taking care of upskilling & educating your team members."  


Where can I learn more about the different CloudOps models?


Watch our video from the recent Cloud First Summit 2023 where Rick Boyce outlines what you need to know about about cloud migrations and CloudOps models:



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