Closing the skills gap starts with debunking the myths of digital

13 October 2022 • 1 min read

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When we launched In 2014, we set ourselves a Big Hairy Audacious Goal - to close the world's digital skills gap. But as audacious as we set out to be, we've never been under the illusion we could do this alone. 

With extensive national research into the digital skills gap, we've finally got the data and insight to bring others on the journey with us. Our research defines what the gap looks like (spoiler alert - it's not just coding) and exactly how we can start to close that across sectors and demographics.


Weighing in on the subject, we talked to Mike Oram, who has dedicated the best part of the last decade to closing the skills gap. As Academy Lead at iO Academy, an award winning digital training provider, he shared his advice for young people looking to enter the tech industry. 


The biggest takeaway? Reset your impression of what it means to work in tech. It's not the insular "nerdy guys working in a basement" environment you've come to know from TV; it's an incredibly diverse industry that values skills far beyond coding. So whether your passion is design, business development or even teaching - you might be surprised to find there's a bright future for you in tech.





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