Closing the gender gap with Women of Silicon Roundabout

17 November 2022 • 2 min read



We’re a gold sponsor at this year's Women of Silicon Roundabout, and our workshop 'How to take your team to the next level' is proving so popular, we’re now running it twice.



Women of Silicon Roundabout (WSR) is happening on 22-23rd November this year, and if you've not heard of it (you've seriously been missing out!) it's the global centrepiece for tech's gender diversity movement, and the UK's biggest tech event for women. We're really proud to be hosting two workshops this year, and with its mission so close to our hearts, we're delighted to be supporting the movement as Gold Sponsors. 


That’s because, even with industry progress, women still only account for 33% of the tech force. We can't deliver digital solutions for the needs of a diverse population, when teams do not represent and understand the experiences of that population.

WSR champions women leading the way in technology. As the saying goes - "you can't be what you can't see," and too often what we do see in tech is the Elon Musks, Mark Zuckerbergs and Jeff Bezos of the world.

WSR showcases and celebrates the female role models we can relate and aspire to, and facilitates learning and networking to help women build supportive communities around them. For an organisation like AND Digital, whose mission is to close the digital skills gap (across every gender), WSR is a conduit to help us do that.


How to take your team to the next level


Helping to equip women with leadership skills to drive high-performing teams, AND Digital is hosting its 'How to take your teams to the next level' workshop. Originally scheduled for 11:30am on Day 1, it's now proven so popular we're also delivering on Day 2.


Yani Aleksandrova, Product Analyst at AND Digital is one of the session’s presenters. She says:

“Building effective teams that work well together is key to any project's success when success isn't simply measured by financial gain. Our ‘How to take your team to the next level’ workshop will introduce two foundational concepts that are vital to building effective teams: one must-have to incorporate into your team and one hazard you should strive to avoid!”


Designed for anyone who is part of or managing a team who wants to optimise performance while promoting/leading a safe environment, it’s a session aimed at delivering results while bringing equality, diversity, and inclusion into your team.

Renee Blanchard, People Evolution Consultant at AND Digital says: “We’ll be showing how making a team more productive and effective goes hand-in-hand with fostering a safe, happy, inclusive environment. That’s very much part of the AND ethos and I’m looking forward to sharing it.”

Catch us on stage or at our booth (C14) both days. We'd love to talk more about closing the gender gap in tech, and how we can support you or work together to do that. 


Find the full Women of Silicon Roundabout agenda here


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