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How a new, intuitive experience increased bookings for British Airways

About British Airways

British Airways (BA) helps over 45 million travellers reach their destination every year.

Being the UK flag carrier doesn’t, however, guarantee immunity from the pressures of disruption in the industry - and changing customer behaviour and technology are rewriting the rules for every airline.

With an ambitious plan to strengthen its position as the airline of choice, BA sought a partner to embed a deeper digital mindset, improve the customer experience and performance of critical digital products - including it’s mobile app across iOS and Android, and the website.

Welcome aboard AND Digital.

A more stable core

Our partnership with BA began with a critical need to stabilise and improve the business’s existing mobile apps. Delivered offshore and in a Waterfall environment, quality and the pace of delivery were of particular concern.

The process began with a four-week Discovery, during which we established tech readiness and defined a new product vision. AND also defined coding standards, clarified the system architecture and developed a Git migration plan, directly managing the handover of the existing codebase.

Next, the team focused on immediate quick wins, including:

  • Credit card surcharge rules
  • Improving the Android booking flow
  • iPhone X compatibility
  • The addition of essential missing features - like the display of departure gate information

Addressing the wider online experience

Alongside our work in mobile, we also worked on streamlining the customer experience at to drive up conversion and revenue.

Booking a flight was a laborious process, with too many steps involved, so the team rebuilt the booking flow so that the process for outbound and return flight selection took fewer steps - and all information could be viewed on one page.

Our engineers also refactored major sections of the site to improve testability and ensure more efficient scalability, resulting in faster development and a smoother release process in the future.

Key outcomes

In the first three weeks following the launch of the new app, it delivered over £500k - 7x the monthly target of £70k.

We also helped BA to:

  • Streamline and improve the customer experience - improvements in the CX have seen 200k more active users on Android than the previous year, and 2,000 more bookings per month.
  • Accelerate speed to value - typical feature release time for BA was one release per six months: in comparison, the first six months of our partnership saw this increase to 18.
  • Raise quality standards - with more rigorous testing and engineering practices in place, BA digital products are more robust and better able to incorporate future requirements.
  • Transition from Waterfall to Agile - deeper understanding of Agile principles and collaborative ways of working ensure the joint team responds more rapidly and efficiently to business and customer needs.