Effective habits for remote working

08 April 2020 • 1 min read


Coronavirus has had a huge impact on organisations across the UK, with remote working having to be instantly adopted as the new “normal”, however, to do this successfully, everyone within a team and the wider organisation needs to have the right mindset.


As an organisation, AND Digital operates with Agile methodologies at its core. Agile ways of working allow both individuals and teams to quickly adapt where, how and when they need to work, and to do this with maximum flexibility and minimum constraints.


So, during this time of unprecedented change, we are using our knowledge and experience of Agile to help other teams and organisations successfully adapt to working from home.


Webinar: Effective habits


Hear from Josh Lynas, Agile Coach AND Pizza Enthusiast, as he shares tips, practices and effective habits to help both individuals and teams embrace this new “normal”.


Josh discusses:


  • How to prepare for common remote working challenges;
  • How to consistently embed simple facilitation practices;
  • The importance of a Team Charter, and how to set one up.




Up next


Following on from this webinar, we are delighted to be launching Elevenses - a weekly webinar that will share more tips and advice on ways of working. The interactive sessions will take place at 11:00 each week, and are free to attend, so look out for a registration link to join the first.


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