Our work in the community: Holbeck, Leeds

05 August 2021 • 2 min read

Our work in the community- Holbeck, Leeds (1)

Leeds is a city on the rise. It boasts the fastest growing digital economy in the UK, a bustling city centre with a host of thriving independent retailers, and new development shooting up all around the fringes of the town centre.

However, like any other sprawling metropolis growth isn’t distributed evenly. There are areas which aren’t seeing the same benefits as other parts of the city. The reasons for this are complex, but a lack of investment is at the root of many issues.

Such areas typically suffer from high levels of economic inequality, but they are also home to strong, proud communities and unique cultural identities.

One such area in Leeds is Holbeck. AND’s Leeds clubhouse sits in Holbeck Urban Village—a vibrant example of city sprawl on the edge of the city centre. But just a few streets back in Holbeck itself is a community that ranks as one of the most deprived areas in Yorkshire.

AND is a company that is driven by a purpose to give back to our communities, and our ANDis join us because they are drawn to that mission. In Leeds, we don’t just focus our attention inward - towards the city centre and the tech community we’re part of - but also outward, to the people and charities around us.

Over the last year this has manifested itself in a few ways: we have organised trolley dashes for our local foodbank; kicked off a crowdfunder with Digital Access West Yorkshire to provide digital devices for young people during lockdown; and raising over £1000 in two weeks to help Holbeck Together set up a pay-as-you-feel supermarket in their community centre.

We don’t stop at fundraising—we like to roll our sleeves up and volunteer too. Whether that’s in helping Holbeck Together stack shelves and distribute wellbeing packs in the community; delivering coding workshops through Slung Low’s Cultural Community College, or delivering talks in local schools with Ahead Partnership.

The support we get to give back is genuinely the best thing about working for AND Digital; in addition to our generous annual leave and training allowance we have a number of days to use for this purpose. Incorporating social purpose alongside a rewarding and exciting digital role is the best combination you could wish for.




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