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04 May 2020 • 4 min read

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In our collective new normal of working from home, we’ve noticed ourselves how easy it is to lose track of time and find yourself working without sufficient breaks. Without these, productivity, focus and wellbeing can dwindle.


So, to help break up your day, we’ve launched Elevenses: snappy, 45-minute live webinar sessions where you can learn new skills, network with others and take some time out from your working day. Why not put the kettle on, cut yourself some cake, and we’ll see you at 11am each Thursday.


If you've missed an event, don't worry. We'll be sharing recordings here from each Elevenses session we run.

#1 The Importance Of Play


In the first of the AND: Elevenses series, and as part of Leeds Digital Festival, Samuel Yau, Lead UX Designer at AND Digital, explored the importance of play and how it’s essential to an organisation’s creativity.


Watch the full recording below or read the full write up here.



#2 Agile Estimation Pitfalls


In the second of the AND: Elevenses series, Kelly Cook, Agile Coach at AND Digital, explored the challenges Agile teams face in estimating their work remotely and how a simple game and an everyday analogy can help to overcome them.


#3 Mastering Difficult Conversations


In this session, Adam explored the everyday reality of the conversational communication challenges that face us - challenges that apply whether we’re in the physical workplace or when working remotely. Through interactive activities, Adam demonstrated ways to master confident communication.



#4 UX For Day One


Getting UX traction on projects can mean navigating tactical and strategic needs, stakeholders, different methodologies and ways of working — all while trying to add value quickly. In the fourth of our Elevenses series, Andrei Procopie, UX Lead, demonstrated a simple approach to aligning research and design experiments so you can make progress from day one.



#5 Challenger Language series - Kotlin


For over 20 years, JavaScript, Java and C# have topped the lists of most popular programming languages but we love learning about what else is out there.


In this first part of a five-part series, we looked at Kotlin. Advertised as a replacement for Java, is it truly what it is hyped up to be? Or is it another language that is being raved about currently that will die in a few years time? Is it just for mobile development or can it be used in other ways?



#6 Challenger Language series - Rust


In this second part of a five-part series, we looked at Rust - a language that continually tops the ‘most loved’ lists. For 48 years, C has been the mainstay for low-level system programming. Can Rust, with its modern security, safety and programming paradigms baked into the language, be a worthy challenger to this crown?



#7 Challenger Language series - TypeScript


In the third of a five-part series, we looked at TypeScript - a superset language on top of JavaScript that’s rapidly gaining industry traction. Since the first interactive web pages, JavaScript has often been the bane of developers, as with its ultimate flexibility and power comes a lot of stumbling blocks - especially to those more familiar with statically typed languages. 



#8 Challenger Language series - Go


In the fourth of a five-part series, we looked at Go - a relatively new type-safe language. It was created by three developers at Google, who wanted to create one language that combined the best attributes of the different languages they were using at the time. They set out to create “one language to rule them all” - and so Go was born.



#9 Challenger Language series - Clojure


In this last of a five-part series, we looked at Clojure: a dialect of Lisp that shares the code-as-data philosophy and a powerful macro system. Clojure is predominantly a functional programming language. It features a rich set of immutable, persistent data structures and, similarly to Scala and Kotlin, runs entirely on the Java Virtual Machine.



#10 Build Better Things With Accessibility


In this episode of our Elevenses series, Norbert Nagy, Senior Developer AND Accessibility Advocate, will take you on a journey of the web then and now, demystifying the most common misconceptions around accessibility. He will then demonstrate simple techniques to build better things for everyone on the web.



#11 The Power Of Diversity For Better Products


The topic of diversity has never been so much at the forefront of our society as today. We strive to promote equal opportunities and accept alternative perspectives as a moral imperative, but is there a more tangible benefit to diversity that can be applied to our everyday lives and working environments?


In this session, James French, Senior Product Analyst at AND Digital, will talk about using the power of diversity to solve complex problems and ultimately build better digital products.



#12 Ethical Product Management


With an increasing spotlight on the way technology impacts our lives - whether good or bad - there is a key question we all need to ask: how do we ensure products balance both commercial outcomes with the wellbeing needs and ethical concerns of users?


In this episode Product Analyst, Richard Boyd, looks more closely at this question and proposes a series of principles that companies can use to guide their decision-making in order to build products with greater ethical awareness.



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