AND Goes Global: Meet Jeroen, Our First International Clubhouse and Tons of Tech Jobs in Amsterdam

11 May 2021 • 3 min read

AND Goes Global- Meet Jeroen, Our First International Clubhouse and Tons of Tech Jobs in Amsterdam (1)

June marks a historic moment in AND’s remarkable story. We are thrilled to be opening our first international club in Amsterdam, bringing our people-first culture to the Netherlands along with our first international Exec hire - Jeroen Kleinhoven.

In this post, we take a look behind the scenes at AND’s latest Club launch and talk to Jeroen about what he’s hoping to achieve in Amsterdam and across the wider Benelux market.

Meet Jeroen


Q: You’re joining AND with a whole wealth of experience and knowledge in the tech arena. Tell us more and why you decided to become an ANDi…


Jeroen Kleinhoven: I’ve worked with different companies in and around Benelux, ranging between leading Gartner Benelux and building and selling my own software company. I still work with CIONET too, which is Europe’s largest community of digital leaders. 


Both digital product development and sales are the common threads across all of my past roles – and continues to be my focus at AND, where I’m helping organisations build innovative, digital products and high-performing teams for themselves.


AND’s Club model really intrigued me – it’s a small boutique set-up with the support of a large organisation behind it. That gives Clubs an independent, autonomous focus on the tech but with support for key functions like marketing, business development and HR, for example. 

The Netherlands is moving towards a digital first mindset, fast, and organisations are increasingly looking for the brightest minds to help them build the best-in-class digital products. This is why there is huge potential in the region for our unique partnership working model. 

Develop yourself

Q: What will AND bring to the Netherlands and those looking for a new challenge in their career?


JK: AND has an award winning people proposition and it’s highly optimised to identify, onboard and continuously grow teams.

Every Club is made up of 6 to 7 Squads – tight-knit, cross-functional teams to support one another. This helps people upskill and learn on the job easily. The model also connects teams and clients, while giving everyone in the Club the right balance of support and encouragement to build their own careers.


AND encourages and supports everyone to build their technical, personal and professional skills. You learn how to coach and mentor teams, deal with ambiguity, influence and negotiate, for example, which are competencies that help ANDis become more well-rounded and more apt at driving success. 


When it comes to client work, AND teams are exposed to gripping opportunities with high client visibility. All ANDis work in blended teams with the client, sharing good practices, learning and challenging each other to deliver the best outcomes.


At all times, you have the support of your fellow ANDis, the wider company and the chance to work with some truly ambitious companies to build impactful digital products.


Future plans


Q: What do you want to achieve both with the new Club in Amsterdam and the wider Benelux region?


JK: We’ve already hired 10 local ANDis in addition to 6 ANDis joining us from the UK who are relocating to Amsterdam to form our Club. We plan to have 45 people in the Amsterdam Club by the end of the year across 3 Squads. 


We also have new Clubs planned across the Benelux region – and would ultimately like 400-500 ANDis working across 4 or 5 clubs. AND is certainly expanding at a good rate.


Everything is ‘built to last’ at AND – and our Club in Amsterdam is the first step onto the international stage. 


As we continue to build multinational teams out in the Benelux region, we always have a focus on diversity – a topic my colleague Diana will discuss in more detail in our next post. 


We will also be involved in several local, community projects. So, for us, we’re not just working in Amsterdam but for Amsterdam. As someone who loves developing digital products, AND’s balance between great tech and empowering people sits well with me.


Join the club


We’re looking for individuals in The Netherlands who can embrace a fast-paced, rapidly growing environment that lives and breathes tech. If you’re interested, click here and filter for tech jobs in Amsterdam.

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