Mike Lee

Mike joined AND Digital in September 2022, as our US President AND Storyteller. Leading a team in Atlanta and North Carolina, Mike is driving AND's mission to close the digital skills gap in North America. Mike has over 23 years' experience in business transformation for Fortune 500 companies. Prior to joining us, he was founder and president of Independence Consulting, head of Financial Services and Insurance at Point B Consulting, and president of global consulting firm North Highland. Mike's specific areas of expertise include business transformation, strategic planning, finance and HR function development, process improvement and enterprise resource planning systems. Mike has served the financial services, media, life sciences, retail, manufacturing, distribution and utilities industries; managing strategic planning, mergers and acquisitions, cost and efficiency programs, product development and shared services engagements.

AI in 2024: top 5 CxO success factors you haven't...


04 January 202415 min read

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