ARAG & AND Digital develop an AI assistant for legal professionals

28 November 2023 • 2 min read

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Legal insurance provider ARAG and AND Digital are working together on an AI-driven digital assistant for legal professionals. This development aligns with the insurer's goals, with Smart Insurer being one of its strategic pillars.


Laura Paro, Project Manager at ARAG comments: "We aim to be at the forefront of technological advancements. The expectations surrounding Generative AI (GenAI) are high. With this project, we are exploring how we can utilise this technology to address legal issues, as well as the benefits it can offer to our clients and legal professionals."


A genuine co-development


AND Digital is guiding IT developers and legal professionals from ARAG in developing a proof of concept. Laura adds:


"We chose AND Digital because they bring not only AI expertise but also process and design knowledge. The collaboration is a genuine co-creation. AND Digital are helping us to better understand the technology ourselves. That's exactly what we're looking for."


Creating more time for ARAG to focus on legal content and customer contact


Avi Jhanjhan, Employment Law Jurist at ARAG, comments:


"It's wonderful to have an impact on a groundbreaking innovation project that ultimately frees up more time for the enjoyable aspects of our work: legal content and customer contact. Together with other legal professionals from ARAG, I’m providing the development team with a good understanding of our day-to-day work, so we can ensure that the proof of concept meets our needs."


A positive and open attitude towards innovation


AND Digital provides the technology as well as bolstering and developing ARAG's digital skills. Bart Boumeester, Product Principal at AND Digital notes:


"What struck me immediately is that everyone at ARAG - from the legal professionals to the leadership - has a positive and open attitude towards this innovation journey. They have tested the concept on a limited scale and with clearly defined objectives. This strategic approach may initially take a bit longer, but it offers the greatest chance of arriving at a solution that legal professionals truly benefit from in their daily work."


Proving that GenAI delivers useful results for legal professionals


The proof of concept currently in development explores on a small scale what the possibilities are. Laura explains:


"If we gather enough evidence that AI delivers useful results for legal professionals, we can proceed to the next step: building a digital assistant in our existing IT environment."


About AND Digital

AND Digital is a digital services provider with a mission: we want to close the world’s digital digital skills gap. We're experts in building capabilities as well as remarkable GenAI solutions for our clients. Learn more about how we help organisations like yours to reshape operations, products and services like never before through the use of AI.


About ARAG

ARAG is an independent legal problem solver. They make the law accessible and affordable for everyone. Their ambition is to be the best legal problem solver in the Netherlands, with customer satisfaction and service quality as their guiding principles. ARAG Netherlands is part of the ARAG Group, originally a German family business with over 4,300 employees operating in 19 countries, including Australia, the United States, and Canada. With nearly 800 professionals in the Netherlands, they work from Amsterdam, Rotterdam, The Hague, Leusden, and Roermond.


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