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Stop and Think App, combining talent intelligence and Whole Brain® Thinking.

24 April 2023 • 2 min read

Stop and Think App

AND Digital are proud to have partnered with Herrmann, the talent intelligence experts delivering a Whole Brain® Thinking platform backed by science and built for the enterprise.


At the core of Herrmann’s business is the HBDI® psychometric framework, which enables individuals and teams to build greater awareness of their thinking preferences, and use that understanding to improve communication, collaboration and decision-making.


The Stop and Think Microsoft Teams app offers customers new ways to leverage Herrmann’s HBDI® team profiles directly in the flow of work. This means they can access real-time insights about their team members' thinking and communication preferences (subject to a consent model), whilst offering strategies and guidance for effective interactions.


Our approach


AND Digital worked closely with Herrmann throughout the end-to-end delivery of the proposition. This meant the following:


Product Discovery: We used our tried and tested discovery methodology to design a solution Herrmann customers would love. This involved building the product vision, customer research, prototyping, user testing and technical feasibility analysis.

Product Build:
We built a blended, cross-functional agile team to take the product to market in under 3 months.

We helped upskill Herrmann team members to support and iterate the new MS Teams solution.


Stop and Think App
Stop and Think App



Herrmann said…


"Our Global Enterprise clients have been asking for the ability to seamlessly use Whole Brain Thinking across their entire organisation, and this new Microsoft Teams integration enables every employee to get access to powerful insights to make collaboration easier and more enjoyable. In partnering with AND Digital to create this integration, we were able to tap into their amazing digital capabilities AND their knowledge and experience as a long-time Herrmann customer. The results were amazing."

Karim Morgan Nehdi, CEO, Herrmann


AND Digital commented…


“By gaining some insight into the diverse cognitive makeup of our people from using Whole Brain® Thinking, we’ve been able to tailor our business goals, operations, and educational opportunities to ensure our way of doing things remains vibrant, multifaceted, optimised, and free from perception blindness.”

Paramjit Uppal, Founder of AND Digital


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