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Our Unique Service Model

Guide, Build & Equip: The AND Service Model

We’re not a consultancy that simply comes in and tells you what to do. Neither are we a development agency that will provide you additional staff and then just leave once it’s done.

UX and Design

We'll help you to better understand your users to create incredible and impactful digital experiences.


We can help you tackle tough strategic challenges with our industry insight and problem-solving expertise.

Data Engineering

Work with us to design, develop, and optimise your infrastructure. Power your products and organisation with rapid insights.

Cloud & DevOps

We can help you unlock cloud for faster, forward-thinking engineering and product development that responds quickly to change.

Enterprise Software Engineering

We'll help you evolve your enterprise estate and the capabilities needed to drive it forward so you can future-proof your technology strategy.

App Development

Reach users wherever they are. Work with us to develop mobile applications that serve the needs of businesses and consumers today.

Agile Coaching

We can help you build the mindset needed to deliver complex products quickly, and to remain adaptive and responsive to changing user needs in a fast-changing world.


Define the path forward

We can provide you with the essential insight and support you need to navigate a shifting business and technology landscape with greater speed and confidence

We’ll help you to pick apart your challenges so you can view them with fresh eyes, and uncover new opportunities for growth and innovation.


How we can help guide your business

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Ship better products, faster

Equip your in-house teams with the technology, product and delivery expertise they need to ship better digital products and services at an accelerated pace

We work alongside you to speed up the delivery of infrastructure projects and products, upskilling your people as we go. Our diverse range of skills and expertise across software engineering, product management, delivery and UX will ensure your digital transformation is impactful and sustainable.


Bridge your skills gaps

We can help you build the in-house capabilities and expertise you need to unlock the power of digital long into the future

We want you to become digitally independent. But that's not easy in a rapidly changing technology and business landscape; that's why we upskill client teams and provide training and support for Agile adoption. We ensure that you can forge your own future as a digital organisation.


All our clients benefit from upskilling and training


Why choose AND Digital?

We are proud to put our people at the heart of AND. This mindset leads to everyone at AND to make a remarkable impact for our clients - building products and their capability. This is what makes us the provider of choice for our clients.

1. Collaborative Approach - Work as one team - challenge and bring ideas that build better products with customers in mind.

2. Deliver Fast - Cohesive teams available now to accelerate delivery. We work with your in-house team to scale outputs so you can deliver digital products to market faster without compromising on quality.

3. Build Your Capability - Our core belief is to make you independent. Meaning we don't just build products for you, we build them with you. This means you can build your digital skills and be prepared and independent for the future.

4. Club Model - Truly unique - brings the best of a small firm and the clout of a large one.

5. Commercials - Very competitive rates with two-week flexibility. We benchmark our rates every 6 months against a range of tech consultancies to ensure we can deliver the most competitive rates to clients.

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A model underpinned by a unique culture

The way we work with clients is built on top of a unique culture that encourages creativity and independence.

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