UX Research and Design

Great UX should be simple and intuitive. Building it rarely is.

Work with AND Digital to design and develop exceptional user experiences that engage and enable the people you serve.

Create exceptional UX

UX design is all about humans: it’s no surprise then, that it can often be complex and time-consuming. Anything worthwhile often is.

AND Digital is here to help you. By supporting you to build the right processes and developing the mindset needed to engage with users’ needs, together we can develop user experiences that build trust, enhance your reputation, and drive growth. 

Every organisation today is on its digital journey: great UX will give you a competitive advantage in a challenging business environment.

UX design is a process. While the end result is often simple and almost frictionless, creating great UX requires significant and sustained effort.

  • Research and Insight - Uncover the needs and desires that drive your users to inform your design process.
  • Prototyping - Synthesize and transform insights into actionable designs.
  • Validation and Iteration - Build feedback loops to test, optimize and adapt your designs to ensure constant improvement.

Applying our unique model to UX Design

AND Digital can help you through this process as we follow a unique approach to our work that ensures everything we do together is not only underpinned by strategic clarity and empathy, but also that it has smooth delivery, and leaves a lasting legacy that bolsters your capabilities for the years to come.

1. Guide

We’ll work with you to help you to identify where and how UX improvements could improve your organisation or product. We’ll also show you how to capture user insights, to build a clearer picture of the people that use your products and services.

2. Build

We can support you to develop or redevelop your UX. We have people from different backgrounds and with specific capabilities that can help you to build and deliver in ways that will transform your organisation.

3. Equip

We can help you to build the capabilities and processes you need to leave a lasting legacy of design thinking, so UX design remains at the core of how you approach digital development. We want our work to leave an impact and a legacy, so the value we deliver is more than the outcome of a single project.

The UX Design work we do

UX design can - and should - inform products and projects of all kinds. Whether it’s a new B2C application, an internal training application, or a multifaceted public service user journey, we have the flexibility to solve problems in diverse contexts. 

We’ve worked with clients from a diverse range of industries and sectors.

As a team of curious, ambitious, and empathetic technologists, we want to uncover and solve interesting problems - particularly those that occur where humans and technology meet.

So get in touch, and let’s discuss how we can work together to build incredible user experiences.