Enterprise Software Engineering

Enterprise evolution and growth starts with understanding the needs of the organisation and its customers through the lens of modern digital services.

Work with AND Digital to prepare your organisation for the future with the right infrastructure, platforms, technologies and capabilities to drive change.

Improve your platforms and capabilities

The modern enterprise is enabled by software at all levels, from architecture, to product development, to analytics. As we move into a world dominated by both experience design and data strategy, it all begins with the needs of the customer and the organisation.

However, coordinating and implementing a cohesive strategy that can drive growth at speed without compromising quality and security can be challenging. For technology leaders, it’s a balancing act that requires skill and care and we can deliver on that with our experience in our three main impact themes: Experience ecosystems, Everything as a Service and Intelligent Insight

We’ll help you evolve your enterprise software estate by partnering with you to develop and improve the platforms and capabilities that you need for future success.

Agile at scale

We’ll help you embed agile across your organisation to accelerate delivery.

Enterprise architecture and replatforming

We can help you to define and evolve your architecture and develop new future-proof, cloud-first platforms.

Digital transformation

We’ll help you develop and implement a strategy and roadmap for change that is sustainable and impactful.

Applying our unique model Software Engineering

Our unique model means we can provide end-to-end support on every project we work on. From strategy and planning to upskilling and training, we ensure that the work we do is underpinned by rigorous insight and that it transforms your internal capabilities.


Our experienced team can help you to better understand your own enterprise software challenges and identify potential solutions that can give you a competitive edge.


The diverse range of skills and experience within AND means we are flexible and can adapt to the specific needs of any given project. Whatever the right way to build and implement something is, we’ll ensure you can do it.


Digital transformation isn’t just about products and platforms - it’s about capabilities and legacy. That’s why we’ll support your team to develop their skills and learn new approaches that will close skill gaps and enable your future growth.

Our capabilities to help you excel in digital

AND Digital is made up of diverse technologists and engineers. That means we can be flexible and adapt to the needs of the challenge we’re working together to solve. 


  • Scrum
  • Kanban
  • SaFE
  • LESS


  • Java
  • C#
  • .NET Core
  • Python
  • JavaScript/Node.JS
  •  Go


  • SpringBoot
  • .NET Core

Microservices and deployment

  • Docker
  • Kubernetes


  • Kafka
  • Kinesis
Talk to us about your challenges, and let’s explore how we can help you.