Building in the cloud is the key to scaling your organisation effectively. That’s why we cover your whole cloud journey from strategy through to migration, architecture, security and optimisation.


What is cloud?

If you’re looking to operate in a way where your data flows seamlessly and your operations scale in line with your ambitions, then you need to be in the cloud. Cloud is no longer just a nice-to-have. For organisations the world over it’s business critical - enabling them to reach new customers and markets, and launch new services at lightning speed. Whether you’re embarking on migrating key workloads to the cloud or you need to optimise your existing infrastructure, we’re ready to help you make a remarkable impact.

The problems we solve

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Cloud strategy

Create the blueprint that aligns technology with your organisational objectives, setting you on the path towards optimised cloud operations, heightened flexibility, and cost efficiencies.

Solution architecture

Lay the technological foundations that will turn your goals into reality. Seamlessly integrating diverse systems that will ensure scalability, reliability, and performance optimisation are at the core of your cloud architecture.

Platform engineering

Efficiently solve the complex problems that arise when building advanced platforms. Through the effective handling of intricate architectures and business logic, and management of the complex interactions between systems using DevOps principles.

Cloud migration

Make informed choices when it comes to migrating your workloads to the cloud. Giving you confidence in selecting the right vendor, the most suitable services, and doing it all efficiently and cost-effectively.

Cloud security

Ensure that your data, applications, and operations are kept safe from evolving threats. Build in ‘security by design’ using DevSecOps principles, to provide you with complete confidence that you’re secure, compliant, and efficient.

Cloud automation

Operate in such a way that code changes are automatically built, tested, and integrated into a common repository that speeds up the deployment and frequency of your new releases. Unlocking the benefits of cloud automation through DevOps.

How we deliver

Discover how our approach to delivery will enable to you to build cloud platforms that power your ambitions, at pace.

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The AND experience

Learn more about how our unique approach will help you to close your digital skills gap and build remarkable cloud platforms.


Cloud insights

Check out the latest and greatest perspectives - from our expert cloud architects - covering everything you need to know about cloud.

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Our cloud work

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We're proud of our work, helping clients of all shapes and sizes make the most of cloud.



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