Cloud and DevOps

Developing a resilient cloud infrastructure 

Modern software delivery and maintenance can be complex.

Work with AND Digital to build and deliver resilient software at speed and scale.

Cloud infrastructure is at the heart of digital transformation. It can enable organisational agility, making it easier to build and deliver products and services at scale.

However it can create additional challenges. From system resilience to consistent and secure delivery pipelines, cloud’s ability to drive growth is only ever as successful as the people that enable it.

We’ll help you to understand and identify how to make cloud work for you, and support you to build the DevOps capabilities that will unlock a new level of agility within your organisation.

  • Enabling CI/CD processes - Improve software quality and delivery speed.

  • App modernisation - Increase Application performance and reliability.

  • Infrastructure modernisation - Leverage automation, cost optimization and refine your cloud strategy.

  • Enabling innovation with data - Integrate machine learning capabilities into products and services.
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Solving your infrastructure problems

  • “We can’t deliver fast enough”
    • Work with us to empower development teams through new platforms and automation.
  • “We can’t scale”
    • Work with us to migrate or re-architect your cloud platform.
  • “We can’t manage risk effectively”
    • Work with us to develop governance structures and implement security and Disaster Recovery strategies.
  • We can’t rely on our current platform”
    • Work with us to enable monitoring and observability and implement effective incident management processes.
  • “We can’t leverage the data we have”
    • Work with us to develop platforms and pipelines to successfully leverage data.

How we work

Because engineering projects can be complex, we want to provide end to end support if you need it. That means we can ensure the work we do is underpinned by a clarity of purpose, and that it leaves a long term legacy that will allow you to grow and evolve.


We’ll help you to identify and better understand your challenges. That gives us a robust foundation that ensures we are focused on work that will make the biggest impact over the long term.


Our diverse skills and expertise means we can develop and evolve your cloud infrastructure to respond to your needs and challenges. We are flexible and open to implementing the toolchain that’s most effective. 


It’s important that our partnership leaves a legacy. It should provide a foundation for your future. That’s why we’ll help your teams develop their skills and expertise and tackle your digital skills gaps.

Talk to us about your challenges. Together, we can solve them so you can accelerate your digital transformation to power growth.