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Amazon Relational Database Service Competency

AWS has recognised and awarded AND Digital's experience and expertise in helping organisations move to and use Amazon RDS within their cloud infrastructure.

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Proven AWS RDS expertise

We're adept at helping organisations leverage the capabilities of AWS Relational Database Service.

AND Digital has years of experience assisting companies shift their databases to Amazon Relational Database Service (Amazon RDS).

Our close relationship with Amazon Web Services (AWS) and understanding of its cloud infrastructure has helped many companies painlessly migrate to a flexible, scalable, cost effective database solution.

Amazon RDS

What is Amazon RDS?

Amazon RDS is not a database in the traditional sense.

Instead of a server-based program that requires constant maintenance, Amazon RDS is a computing service from AWS that helps companies scale their relational database in the cloud.

Amazon RDS provides cost-efficient and scalable capacity while automating time-consuming administration tasks such as hardware provisioning, database setup, patching, and backups. 

Instead of spending resources maintaining, patching, securing, and backing up your database, Amazon RDS allows companies to focus on higher value activities. It doesn’t matter if you are currently using Oracle, SQL Server, PostgreSQL, MySQL or MariaD, AND Digital can help with your migration to Amazon RDS.

AND Digital has been an AWS Advanced Consulting Partner since July 2018. We don’t just build the infrastructure for you, we ensure your digital skills evolve to take full advantage of your new cloud database, so together we build the foundation for a more productive, efficient, flexible, scalable, and competitive future.

aws rds

Why choose Amazon RDS?

There are many reasons to use Amazon RDS.

  • It's easy to use. While we can help you learn the skills needed to use Amazon RDS successfully, it can be managed a number of ways, including the AWS management console, using API calls, or with the RDS CLI.
  • High-performance. RDS can be supported by either General Purpose storage, or Provisioned IOPS Storage - built for I/O intensive transactional database workloads.
  • Incredibly scalable. Scale compute and storage resources quickly and easily.
  • Resilient and available. Automated backups, database snapshots and Multi-AZ deployments all help to ensure that your database is always available - keeping downtime to an absolute minimum.
  • Exceptional security. With encryption for data in rest and in transit, network isolation, and resource-level permissions, using RDS makes it easy to manage access and keep valuable data safe.
  • Cost-effective. There's no up front commitment when you use RDS - you simply pay a monthly charge for the databases you create and use.
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