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AND Digital’s established relationship with Amazon Web Services (AWS) provides your organisation with a proven, integrated approach to the challenge of driving a successful shift towards DevOps.

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What is DevOps?

Back in the day, traditional IT departments had two parts: operations, where the everyday stuff got done, and development, where the wild-eyed dreamers lived. The two sides were often in opposition to each other – with ops resisting the hassles of making developers’ dreams work in the real world. It led to slow, plodding release cycles for new services and features.

AND Digital can help your organisation get these two sides working together – to move you to DevOps. That will speed up innovation, cut time from agreeing new services to seeing them go live, and get everyone working towards the same goal – improving services for the customer.

Coupled with continuous delivery and integration, it should also mean more reliable systems.


People AND Tech

The problem with moving to a DevOps structure is that it’s hard – really hard.

To get DevOps working doesn’t just require new technology, or for your IT team to work differently: the best examples require company-wide change. IT teams must become more closely allied with the business, while the business must also increase its understanding of how IT actually works.

By focusing on both your people and technology, together AND Digital and AWS ensure your shift to DevOps happens faster, more efficiently and delivers value over the long term.

As an AWS DevOps Consulting Partner, AND Digital can tackle this challenge in two fundamental ways:

Get the technology right

Without using the best automation, logging and configuration tools, believe us when we say that shifting to DevOps can quickly get messy. AWS allows companies to quickly and safely build products using DevOps practices. AWS makes provisioning and managing infrastructure simple. It can automate code releases, monitor applications and overall systems performance at scale.

Set teams up to win

Secondly, as well as ensuring the technical aspects of AWS implementation go smoothly, AND Digital also gives equal focus to transitioning and supporting teams. We champion and foster the new working practices DevOps requires, and help both individuals and teams make the move faster.

Success Stories

AWS Case Studies

Upside saving

Upside is a startup aiming to revolutionise savings and financial services by using Open Banking data. Find out how Upside worked with AND Digital and Amazon Web Services to build a resilient and highly scalable data platform to underpin its services.

UPSIDE_Hero illustration-03


AWS Case Study

Upside Picks AND Digital For Data Build With AWS

What we offer

Our cloud architectures are equipped with a mixture of skills and training to provide the best cloud solution to your needs

The best mix of skills

It really is about people, processes and technology. DevOps means getting each of these elements right: AND Digital and AWS have the skills and services to get you there. Our highly skilled Cloud specialists can help with training, with building the right teams across the organisation and making sure they have the right services at their fingertips.

The right tools

Moving to DevOps demands the right kit in the right place. AWS services allow you to collaborate across the organisation securely, and control and log code releases without impacting on performance or increasing risk. By using AWS, you can rapidly roll out new services, monitor their performance, and scale them up fast.

The right processes

Not every organisation needs daily or even hourly software releases and updates — but almost every organisation we encounter would benefit from moving to the right form of DevOps structure. Get the right DevOps processes in place, and you gain unprecedented pace and resilience.

The right direction

DevOps is about embracing change – and as the saying goes: change is constant. So, talking about a plan with an end point is kind of redundant. Instead, AND Digital will leave you with the right technology, the right skills, the right processes and the right people to continue along the road. Or you might choose to keep us with you for a little longer – either way, we ensure you have the ability to better deal with whatever changes come your way.


AWS Public support statement.

AWS is a secure Cloud services platform, offering compute power, database storage, content delivery, DevOps and other functionality to help businesses scale and grow.

AND Digital is an Advanced Consulting Partner since July 2018. With a focus on DevOps, migration, operation of public Cloud and hybrid Cloud and software development.

We support organisations in adopting Cloud services and improving the ways of working and improving processes with cloud operations. We are recommended by AWS to execute AWS Well-Architected Reviews on their behalf.

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