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In the right hands, data can be an extremely valuable commodity. Data can help companies differentiate themselves and better understand their customers.

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Data driven decision making

By using AI and Machine Learning to analyse existing data, AND Digital helps clients get better insights and understanding of their customers’ behaviour and increase sales by predicting what customers want to buy, create loyalty by providing a personalized experience, and improve security by automatically recognising potential criminal activity.

But before data can be used in this way, the right information needs to be accessible in real time by the relevant staff, and in a format they understand. The most successful organizations have evolved a data-centric culture, where real time information is an embedded resource that is constantly used by staff to help them do their job and make better decisions.

Data and Analytics

Building a data-centric culture

AND Digital specializes in helping companies apply Machine Learning and visualization tools, to create flows of information to employees.

As an AWS Advanced Consulting partner, AND Digital experts have access to a vast array of tools that can help build a data-centric culture, allowing employees to work smarter using data that works harder. 

Data is constantly being generated by disparate systems, which makes it extremely complex to manipulate. With AND Digital using AWS you can make the most of your data—whether you need to move entire data sets into the cloud, or quickly extract specific data stored in data centers.

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Why AND Digital?

We are experts in tools such as AWS Glue, which discovers and prepares data for analytics; Snowflake, which can deliver large datasets to the cloud, and Amazon SageMaker, to build, train, and deploy machine learning models. AND Digital can also help you get real time insights from a diverse range of data sources using Amazon Redshift. For visualization, Amazon QuickSight lets your staff easily interact with real time data, either by automatically highlighting patterns, through interactive dashboards, or even using natural language queries.

AND Digital can provide assistance throughout your data journey. From initial consultancy to technical competency, expert fine tuning, and upskilling. We can supply you with the skills and knowledge required to help create a data-driven culture that will guide your organization to a more informed and successful future. 

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