AND Digital and AWS Cloud Migration

AND Digital has already helped dozens of organisations realise the benefits of moving workloads to the cloud using Amazon Web Services (AWS). We’ve helped businesses improve their productivity, drive substantial cost savings and become more adaptable.

But migrating workloads is a complicated process. Getting it wrong means disruption to your business and a long wait for any benefits. The good news is that you can avoid the migration pitfalls and speed up every step of the process by leveraging the combined skills and experience of AND’s dedicated Cloud Engineering team.

Together, we’ll help you to make the process of migration more efficient - saving you money, and, just as importantly, you’ll see stronger business resilience, become more agile, and you’ll build and deploy new services faster.

Powerful partnership

At AND, we look beyond technology alone. We work with our clients to Guide, Build and Equip all at the same time. That helps your organisation get the most from your technology, your data and, best of all, your people.

Get this balance right and your organisation will reap the benefits of cloud migration as quickly as possible. That means making the right decisions to achieve the biggest cost savings from the start. Plus, it means having a well-prepared team ready to get the most out of AWS services from day one.

We’ll work alongside you to make sure you have the right skills, the right infrastructure and the right processes in place before the migration starts. And we’ll be right by your side when you press the button.

N Brown Group:

How a big UK retailer shifted to AWS to accelerate development, improve security and cut costs. AND Digital helped train staff to take full advantage of AWS services and ready the firm for the future.

Read the N Brown case study.

Financial Wellness Group:

When Financial Wellness Group decided to move its infrastructure and applications to AWS it turned to AND Digital for help. AND worked with the FWG team to securely move customer data and update applications leaving the company with lower costs, more flexible and scalable systems and an embedded DevOps culture.

Read the Financial Wellness Group case study.

What we offer

  1. A free review
    Choose any business workload – like email, an eCommerce system or a database. We will review it according to the five pillars of AWS best practice: security, operational excellence, reliability, efficiency and cost optimisation. You’ll receive a detailed report on what can be improved, also known as an AWS ‘Well-Architected Framework Review’. And you’ll even get access to AWS credits to pay for up to three days of consultancy time to start levelling up your infrastructure.

  2. A clear plan to move with confidence
    If you decide to move, we will create a jargon-free plan focused on the needs of your business. We start with the foundations – a network and environment strategy. Our AWS-certified engineers advise what tools we’ll need to build the systems with you.

  3. Training and immersion days
    A technology project is about people, not just things you plug in. We will train your team and fine tune how you work so you get the most that AWS has to offer. We can provide ‘immersion days’ using AWS materials to create the perfect training for your people. And we make sure you have the digital skills needed to thrive with or without us.

  4. From on-premises or from another provider
    We’ll work with you to build systems and finalise the best migration and data strategy, whether it is from your own kit or from another cloud provider. You’ll get help with testing and final preparations for going live – and support through the early days.

  5. Data collection and insight
    Together we’ll build systems that translate data into actionable insights for your business. That includes fine tuning how your systems are working, but we’ll also focus on putting data at the heart of your transformation journey. At the risk of repeating ourselves: these tools are useless without people driving them. We’ll make sure your team has the right skills to extract the right insights to push your business forward.

AWS Public Support Statement

AWS is a secure Cloud services platform, offering compute power, database storage, content delivery, DevOps and other functionality to help businesses scale and grow.

AND Digital is an Advanced Consulting Partner since July 2018. With a focus on DevOps, migration, operation of public Cloud and hybrid Cloud and software development.

We support organisations in adopting Cloud services and improving the ways of working and improving processes with cloud operations. We are recommended by AWS to execute AWS Well-Architected Reviews on their behalf.