Agile and Scrum Coaching

Agile is the enabling heartbeat of every innovative business.

Work with AND Digital to build a collaborative, secure, and empowering culture where everyone can make an impact.

Creating exceptional Agile teams

Technology can unlock a wealth of opportunities, but it also creates consistent change. This requires a flexible, adaptive, and Agile organisational mindset.

AND Digital can help teams to develop this mindset by supporting organisations to adopt the processes and roles that make Agile working a reality.

Let’s work together to empower people to build and deliver better products.

Agile theory and principles

We’ll help you to develop a rigorous understanding of the fundamentals of Agile.

Coaching and training

We can facilitate sessions with teams to bring Agile to life.

Partnering with teams and leadership for growth

Supporting leadership and setting up teams for immediate and future success, to overcome challenges and achieve shared goals

Agile at scale

Work with us to expand an Agile mindset to new parts of your organisation.

Benefits of Agile coaching

  1. High performing, cohesive teams who can build quality products together in-house.

  2. Increased delivery confidence and assurance - a safety net to support your delivery. 

  3. A focus on empiricism and continuous improvement.

  4. Upskilling of teams and individuals giving them the skills required to carry out their role.

Drive your organisation forward by embedding an Agile mindset that empowers and enables your teams.

Our capabilities 

  • Scrum
  • Kanban 
  • Scrumban
  • SAFe LeSS
  • Scrum@ Scale 
  • Professional coaching
  • Mentorship


Talk to us about your challenges - and let’s explore how we can cultivate an Agile mindset in your team.