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What we do

Agile and Scrum coaching

Agile is the enabling heartbeat of every innovative business. Work with AND Digital to build a collaborative, secure, and empowering culture where everyone can make an impact

Work with us

Work with us to build a flexible and adaptive organisational mindset

Technology can unlock a wealth of opportunities, but it also creates consistent change. We'll help you build teams that thrive in fast-paced environments.

Agile theory and principles
We’ll help you to develop a rigorous understanding of the fundamentals of Agile.

Coaching and training
We can facilitate sessions with teams to bring Agile to life.

Partnering with teams and leadership for growth
Supporting leadership and setting up teams for immediate and future success, to overcome challenges and achieve shared goals

Agile at scale
Work with us to expand an Agile mindset to new parts of your organisation.

Agile Coaching

Why Agile coaching?

Agile processes and mindset aren't supplementary to a digital-first culture.

They're central to it. Building it will have immense benefits across your organisation.

Improved collaboration

Build and enable high performing and cohesive teams that build quality products together.

Consistent delivery

Empower people your people to add value for clients and customers every single day.

A culture of test and learn

Embrace continuous improvement through constant testing and experimentation.


We do all things agile

While we're committed to Agile, we're experts in a diverse range of flavours and approaches. We'll identify a methodology that works for you.

  • Scrum
  • Kanban 
  • Scrumban
  • SAFe LeSS
  • Scrum @ Scale 
  • Professional coaching
  • Mentorship

Success stories

Our Impact on clients

Our Agile Coaching team has made a big impact for a diverse range of clients.

Find out how we've supported organisations to drive positive change.

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Taylor & Francis

Case study

How a bespoke Bootcamp brought agile to life


Read perspectives from our experts

Get to grips with the challenges and issues the Agile community is talking about today.

Let's talk Agile

Get in touch to discuss how we can work with you to embed Agile processes and thinking in your organisation.

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