Increasing customer lifetime value with new digital user experiences

Bella & Duke

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Key Outcomes

Bella & Duke increased its customer lifetime value by transforming the user experience - aligning the online journey to how users feel and interact with their pets - resulting in significant improvements to website traffic and repeat purchases.

  • Customer visits 15% Increase in website traffic
  • Customer loyalty 27% Increase in repeat purchase sign-ups
  • Speed to market 40% Reduction in content management release cycles
The client

Bella & Duke

Bella & Duke is the UK’s leading subscription raw pet food company. The company is passionate about longevity and companionship enriching the lives of pets and pet owners.

Bella & Duke provide pet meals and a growing range of pet wellness products and services directly to customers at home, ensuring that their pet receives optimum fresh food in the volume, frequency and a time that best meets their needs.

Since its inception in 2016, Bella & Duke has developed its proposition from starting as a provider of raw pet food, to becoming the trusted source of nutritious food for pets across the UK.

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The Challenge

Ensuring that digital customer experience lives up to Bella & Duke's brand promise

Moving towards a customer centric model with improved customer journeys

In order to continue the evolution of its service & product offerings, the company embarked on a digital transformation project to optimise the digital customer experience and bring this in line with its updated brand promise of a ‘life well loved’.

The team was looking for opportunities to improve the customer journey on its digital properties, to elevate the existing portal to become a customer-centred experience for all buyer personas, and to set up an architectural system ready for future growth towards enhanced pet wellness services. 

The team took an open-minded approach to other areas of potential growth and were keen to ensure that the entire organisation was engaged in the change management process and implementation of possible new ways of working.

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The Solution

Creating signature moments for Bella & Duke's customers

In just 7 weeks, we envisioned, developed, and delivered a fully-functional proof of concept (PoC)

We engaged with Bella & Duke with a holistic approach to developing a customer-centric digital experience. The team created an extensive design & user research process in order to capture existing customer journeys, document pain points, and identify opportunities to improve the happiness of the customer (signature moments, we called them!). The exercise resulted in a new set of user interactions and the team was able to create several new user interface (UI) components.

The new design system was set up to transform the customer experience towards pet wellness and customer intimacy. At the end of the discovery phase (Guide, in AND lingo) and moving into Build (the second of our AND phases), the proposed technical solution had not only taken into account the design requirements but also included a future view of data management, architecture, and delivery approaches, based on research into future trends for online ordering, emotional well-being, and building lifelong relationships with the customers.

After careful research and deliberation, the project team created a tech stack that's easily supported and maintained - to a high standard - by an active community:

  • A component library, based on MUI Core as a foundation, and using Storybook for demonstrating individual components, as well as multiple testing tools for quality assurance.
  • A Next.js application, which extends React to bring static and server-side rendering, file-based routing, and other performance benefits.

The team also used other tooling to enable fast development, such as TypeScript for type safety, Vite for fast and extensible bundling, and Framer Motion for rich transitions and animations. 

The component library and portal application were moved into the AWS Cloud to enable future growth and stable integration with the Bella & Duke API.

The final part of the partnership focused on linking the user experience to the Bella & Duke business strategy. Developing a product vision across the organisation and implementing new ways of working to support this shift in focus. We developed a business model canvas to outline the connections between the key business partners, key propositions, and the customer segments. This was subsequently linked to the Product Vision: evolve the customer portal from a transactional to an emotional experience by utilising both technology and customer feedback loops to build customer value which is beyond expression.

To support the enhanced UX and technical expertise gained by the Bella & Duke team during the Guide and Build phases, the AND Digital project team provided coaching and training sessions on scrum & agile methodologies. Equipping the project team as well as supporting the management team in the adoption of the new ways of working was an important milestone in successfully launching the enhanced experience while setting up Bella & Duke for continued success for the growth of their offerings and platforms.

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Lasting changes to both customer experience and ways of working

Customer benefits brought to life, with the internal team set up for continuous improvement cycles

The collaborative approach of both teams has led to the successful launch of an improved user experience on all digital platforms. 

A customer panel has been set up for Bella & Duke to continuously complete discovery research and feed this back into the upgrade cycles of the UI.

The Bella & Duke team has embraced a leadership approach in experience design and content, supported by design concepts that explore the art of the possible, and empowered by the creation of an innovative new design system.

The development team at Bella & Duke has also set up best practice deployment pipelines, integrated coaching practices, and agile ways of working in order to accelerate further enhancements.

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